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What to do for Father's Day

Updated on November 11, 2012

A Special Day

Father's day has always been very special to me, since day one.

I was born on Father's day, and as my mother tells it, my father wanted a girl, and then-there I was.

At the time I was born, people were not discovering the sex of the child months ahead of time, so it was a surprise until Father's Day.

I believe that I had a great father. He was very old fashioned, and we absolutely do not communicate on a deep personal level, but I understand why. It is his culture, and he does not communicate with anyone on a very emotional level, not verbally anyway. So, I experience love from my father in a very quiet way, often reading between the lines. He has demonstrated with his actions where his heart is, and I do the same thing, so, Father's day is a big day for me.

I made him happy on day one, and I wish to keep up the tradition.

How to Celebrate if Your Father is Active

If your father is still active, a great way to celebrate is to get out and do something physical. A game of golf with as many friends and family members as possible could prove to be areal hit, providing fond memories for years to come. Being active with the family is good for the spirits, and a great way to re-bond.

If your father is not a golfer, miniature golf is a fun alternative that even young children can participate in. I usually go in between these two and take my father to a par three. A small golf course where we only need to carry three clubs.

When it comes to eating out, I recall reading that most fathers who were surveyed on what they want for Father's Day said that they would like a beer and a burger.

Indeed as a previous restaurant owner I recall Mother's day being the day of veal piccata, and wine, and Fathers day was dead in our Italian Ristorante. Unless your father is a true gourmet, he will probably appreciate a real serious, down to earth burger joint, much more than he will a five star restaurant.

If Your Father is Not Active

One of the things that the elderly, or non active father's appreciate the most is getting together with the family, just to have people around and participating in something. A family barbecue could be a very pleasant afternoon.

If your father, or you for that matter, would prefer being in the quiet, there is always the local cinema, to take in the latest movie. Don't forget the popcorn!

Restaurants that cater to Father's Day

  • The Red Robin- A family oriented restaurant, capable of handling large parties, with a varied menu from sophisticated salads- to deep fried everything.
  • IHOP- Its a favorite of many Dad's who love the sweet pancakes, and relaxed atmosphere
  • Outback- For the lovers of the big everything. This is a family oriented steak house known also for its huge chocolate cake.

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    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      Thank you WillStarr.

      Its funny, when I was a kid my father thought American breakfast food was weird and would not even try it, and now he always requests, "those pancake things."

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I too love I-Hop!

      What a nice Hub!