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What to gift him on his birthday?

Updated on December 29, 2016
Priya Barua profile image

Pursuing a rather tedious subject called law, Priya Barua still tries to find time to follow her passion for blogging.

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So his birthday is around the corner and you are like, What Now? And you want to make feel special. Well, that is exactly what a friend of mine wanted to do.

So she got together a group of friends (including me), and we all sat down and made a list of items that could be given to him.

What is the number that makes it all special? Twelve. It is the number of completeness and wholeness. So what you can do is get 12 small (useful) gifts and make him feel like it is Christmas.

Gift #1: A Tie

Men can always use another tie. There are plenty of colours, designs and patterns to choose from. You can gift him a solid colour (always classy) which he can wear to office or a funky patterned tie if he is that type of guy. A good quality tie can range easily from Rs. 800 – 1000.

Gift #2: Shoes

Now shoes are an expensive investment, so you want to make sure that you know his size. Think about a pair of running shoes as opposed to formal ones. Running shoes are far more versatile and he can use them more often. The best time to buy shoes is, of course, during discounts. So log into your favourite online shopping website (better options/better deals) and hope that they are dishing out some coupons for you.

My friend got the shoes real cheap, at around Rs. 1700 during discount season.

Gift#3: Chocolates

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Think of those wrapped and beautifully decorated in baskets or boxes. Make your own chocolates.
Think of those wrapped and beautifully decorated in baskets or boxes.
Think of those wrapped and beautifully decorated in baskets or boxes.
Make your own chocolates.
Make your own chocolates.

Now chocolates are a great gift. It has a romantic; almost intimate factor to it. Don’t give him a bar of milk chocolates. Not done. Instead think of those wrapped and beautifully decorated in baskets or boxes. Yeah, they are as expensive as a tie, but the presentation makes it worthwhile. Else, you can do a DIY project and make your own basket of handpicked chocolates. Or better yet, make your own chocolates. There are dozens of recipes out there for you to choose from milk to dark chocolates.

Gift#4: T-shirt

T-shirts are again very useful gifts and good quality, cotton T-shirts are very cheaply available in online websites like Amazon. Give him a fun T-shirt which has a cool (read: cute) drawing like Tom or Jerry. Prices ranges from Rs. 200-300.

Gift#5: Flowers

You are like what? So cheesy, so corny? No, flowers make wonderful gifts despite the fact that they last only a fortnight. Gift him a mix of red and white flowers to make the bunch look more appealing, but remember to count 12 of them. 12 is the number of wholeness.

Gift#6: An Accessory

A watch would be too much for a budget, and there might be chances that he would not like what you’ve chosen. So instead, think about neutral stuff like a belt, or a bandana or cufflinks or even sunglasses. Or you can gift him a fedora hat. This is really your choice. But try not to invest more than 1000 rupees on this item.

Gift#7: Socks!

A guy can never have too many socks. Give him a pair of socks. If you are feeling bold, you can also choose something in neon colours – you know, like in pink or green. And socks are very useful gifts which are more often than not, overlooked. They also come cheap!

Gift#8: A Photo Frame

No, not an empty photo frame. Develop the best photo that you have of the two of you together, and slip it inside a photo frame. Go for a nice, classy wooden frame which you will easily find in the Home Décor section of stores. Or if you are feeling super creative, then you can make your own photo frame. You can always get quick inspiration from the dozens of DIY videos in the internet. Making your own frame will also cut down cost.

Gift#9: Music Album

I am sure he is into music. Everyone is. So go and buy the latest album of his favourite band or musician (provided he does not already have it). And if he is a bit of a musician himself, then gift him something related to his instrument of choice. Like for instance, if he plays the guitar, you can gift him a pick.

Gift#10: Stationery

Most people would think it is weird to gift your significant other stationery of all things. But they are useful, and he can always do with an extra pen or pencil or a notebook. It is something he will eventually use and will remember you fondly when he does.

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Bake your own cake. Dozens of cupcakes is also an excellent idea.
Bake your own cake.
Bake your own cake.
Dozens of cupcakes is also an excellent idea.
Dozens of cupcakes is also an excellent idea.

Gift#11: A birthday cake

What is a birthday without a birthday cake? Whip out those dusty cookbooks and bake him a cake. You can do it. Homemade cakes are always special. If you are worried about your tardy baking skills, then seek help from a friend who will guide you through the process. Or else you can bake him 12 small cupcakes. How about that?

Gift#12: You

Gift him You. You are the 12th and final gift.

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