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What was your Favorite Christmas Gift

Updated on February 27, 2013

Your Favorite Christmas Gift

What was your Favorite Christmas Gift this Year

What was Your Favorite Christmas Gift?

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about Christmas gifts but there are all kinds of gifts we can give each other at Christmas. Christmas Eve traditionally becomes a family gathering at my home, we don’t exchange gifts but we do gather for music, dinner and warm conversations. Somehow this year reminded me of a Chevy Chase movie, with an unexpected family member adding lot of mayhem to the quiet event. Never the less it was a good time, and I ordered Chinese food for take-out where everyone chose their meal from the menu. It was great take out, and they took home what they didn’t eat.

Christmas morning was a warm, quiet time of an exchange of gifts, since we save up what we need for Christmas, and then buy the gifts for that day. My Chinese wok request went to the wayside I guess maybe it was a self protection plan not to buy me one so I wouldn’t attempt cooking anything. Ha Ha to that motive I ordered one the next day online.

I received lovely clothes and a very sexy pair of velvet gloves, and a warm robe to cuddle in while I write. This year when writing a few of my mother’s recipes for Hubpages from a book she hand written of all her recipes, I noticed she put in the back a memo to pass it down someday. So I chose her favorite cousin who was like a sister to her, and two of her dear friends and had copies of the book printed. The question was where to get it copied at not such an exorbitant price, and then I noticed online that Staples copies books.

I went to my nearby Staples Store and spoke to the man who does the copying and he gave me a set price and said he would copy three. I must admit since it was a handwritten book in one of those hard backed journals I didn’t expect such a great job. I made a cover on a Microsoft Word doc. Printed it out (mind you it wasn’t going to be the same size as the book) and hoped for the best.

When I went to Staples to pick the books up I was amazed, not only was it perfect he had it in a binder just like a book would be, with a plastic coated cover, amazing and reasonable in price.

I –gave- this gift for Christmas, and it was so personal seeing her handwriting, each recipient called me in thanks with tears in their eyes.

This book was my favorite Christmas gift, something given with love to those she cared about. I am sure each of us may have received a homemade gift, but if you have anything like poems from dad, or recipes from mom, get them printed out. Books make a touching gift, from your heart to those you love.


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