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What is a Quincenera?

Updated on July 31, 2007
Wan an AUTHENTIC gown for your 15-year-olds celebration?
Wan an AUTHENTIC gown for your 15-year-olds celebration?
These dresses and similar can be found in Guadalajara, MX, in the main shopping district PLAZA TAPATIA...Please see my related hub!
These dresses and similar can be found in Guadalajara, MX, in the main shopping district PLAZA TAPATIA...Please see my related hub!

Have you been invited to a quinceñera? Does your daughter or son have a classmate who wants them to "stand up" in the ceremony? What is all this celebration about surrounding this 15th birthday party?

With the recent increase of Latino and Hispanic families in the U.S., many family and friends have found themselves to be part of a celebration that is new to them.

In many Latin American cultures, and in the US's Hispanic culture, a girl's quinceñera (or "quince") is the celebration of her 15th birthday and her introduction to womanhood. In some ways it can be related to a "coming out" party, or a debut.

There are usually two main parts to a quinceñera: the ceremony and the celebration.

The ceremony is almost always a Catholic-based mass, or a part of a mass. Attendees have no part in the mass, except to congratulate the teen, and possibly take pictures if you wish. Those who are not familiar with Catholicism should note that the mass has many parts that include attendees standing or kneeling. Newbies should just "follow the crowd." Many masses also have "communion", which is where participants file to the front of the church to receive a piece of bread/wafer and maybe a drink of wine. Those not Catholic or familiar with this ceremony should best skip it. You won't be the only one, guaranteed!

The second part of a quince generally includes dinner and a dance, sometimes similar to a wedding. It is likely that there will be music and that alcohol will be served. This is usually a great celbration and may last late into the evening, depending on the individual family. Families will also vary on what kinds of traditions they will use in this part of the celebration. You may be able to see the teen and her friends take part in a choreographed dance. There may be small ceremonies where the girl is presented with gifts that symbolize her transition to womanhood. Often "padrinos" (godparents) have main parts in the celebration.

Guests should participate as they feel comfortable and enjoy this culture's incredible hospitality. It is appropriate to bring a gift for the girl if desired, and perhaps even to ask her for a dance. Most attendees will dress up a little for the ceremony and dance.

How lucky we are to live in a nation that welcomes and celebrate different cultures! Enjoy the evening, take part in the girl's special memory, and count your blessings at being invited to such a fun time.


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    • profile image

      m@rth@ 6 years ago

      i love the 2nd dress!! its soooo gorgeos

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      .:FL@C@:. 7 years ago

      i love the second dress its so pretty!!!

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      alejandra 7 years ago

      i love the 2nd dress only its so pretty

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      cuteyMi*boy 7 years ago


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      Ana 7 years ago

      I like the redish dress!

    • profile image

      kelly  7 years ago

      my quinces are this year 2010 and i cant wait

    • profile image

      Monique 7 years ago

      These dresses are so cute i would swagg that out.

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      selena garcia 8 years ago

      this dresses are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GardenWallPubs profile image

      GardenWallPubs 8 years ago from Grand Ledge

      awww denied Karina. go troll somewhere else.

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      valentina 8 years ago

      i love those dress 2 bad that im not having a 15

    • profile image

      roxana 9 years ago

      awwww dat sucks cuz i really loved dat one n im lokkin for my 15th dress n dats my color....!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ally 9 years ago

      roxana- that dress was in a a store in Guadalajara. You can probably find a similar dress by using Google: try "quincenera dresses"

    • profile image

      roxana ramirez 9 years ago

      hye i really love the dress the orangy one how can i get it....????

    • profile image

      Allena 9 years ago

      JKY- bull. Maybe not complete, but the parts that are here are accurate. If you have MORE, please, leave them in the comments. I know much more that occurred at XV's that I have attended in Mexico, but this is aimed for the American Latino audience.

      Esmeralda- No tenia XV, pero la de mi prima en Michoacan estaban de lujo y tenia mucho divertido. La de mi prima en EEUU estaban lo mismo, gracias, y tu?

    • profile image

      ESMERALDA 9 years ago


    • profile image

      jky 9 years ago

      not quite accurate

    • profile image

      brett 10 years ago