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What's So Great About America?

Updated on June 30, 2016

What's so great about America? What do we have that other countries around the world don't have? What inspires people from around the world to risk it all, potentially even leaving their family and friends, to come here and start a new life? The truth of the matter is there are many answers to these questions.

Our Founding Fathers Timeless Guiding Principles

The most important reason for what makes America so great lies in the core principles this country was founded on 240 years ago. Many principles and freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights, which came into effect in 1791, are still to this day not enjoyed by the majority of people in countries around the world some 225 years later. Some of these fundamental rights are the freedom of speech, religion and the press. Additionally, the right to peaceably assemble, the right to keep and bear arms, rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, and the right to due process under the law are paramount in the foundation of a non-oppressive nation.

Have An Emergency?

What do you do if your home or business catches on fire or if someone is threatening you, your family or your property? What do you do if you need medical assistance? Well you're in luck, you get to call 911. Help is just three numbers away. You can also rest assured when you live in America because you are fortunate enough to be protected by the largest, most highly trained and most technologically advanced military in the world who, by the way, have saved the world from tyranny on more than one occasion.

Brain Power

Higher education is another area America is known for around the world. In 2012 there were 764,495 international students enrolled in colleges and universities across the United States. Also, 7 of the 10 most famous universities in the world are found right here in our own American backyard.

Let's Eat!

Anyone hungry? I think we might have something around here that might hit the spot; after all, the United States is the largest producer in the world of corn, soybeans, beef, chicken, turkey, almonds, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries. And if you don't feel like cooking you can choose to eat at one of literally hundreds of thousands of restaurants to satisfy any and all cravings.

Economically Speaking

What about our economy? How do we compare? We all know times have been tough over the past few years to say the least, however, in comparison with the rest of the world America has the largest single national economy. As of March 2014 the United States nominal gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated to be $17.23 trillion, which makes up approximately a quarter of nominal global GDP.

Share The Wealth

Well, how generous are we as a nation to the rest of the world? Quite generous to say the least, as a matter of fact since 1990 the United States has been the world's largest humanitarian assistance donor. Because of these investments more than 3 million lives are saved every year through USAID immunization programs. And thanks to USAID, over 850,000 people have been reached with USAID HIV prevention education, and 40,000 people have been trained to support HIV/AIDS programs in their own countries. Also, with the help of USAID, 21,000 farm families in Honduras have been trained in improved cultivation practices which have reduced soil erosion by 70,000 tons. These are merely a few examples of the impact the United States has made in the betterment of the world.

The Land Of Opportunity

America truly is the land of opportunity. A nation where all people of every, race, creed, religion, culture and gender enjoys the same freedoms, rights and privileges. Tragically millions of people around the world don't enjoy the same basic freedoms and rights we may sometimes take for granted as Americans. My hope is that as you celebrate the birth of this great nation on July 4th you take some time to reflect and remind yourself what's so great about America!


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