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What's the Deal with Labor Day?

Updated on January 14, 2016

Labor Day Celebrates the American Worker

Few people actually know the TRUE meaning behind the national holiday Labor Day
Few people actually know the TRUE meaning behind the national holiday Labor Day | Source

A Short Bio on Labor Day

The Origin of Labor Day

An 1882 Proposal to make Labor Day a National Holiday

Scholars, experts and researchers all agree that a proposal was made to celebrate the American worker, but nobody can agree exactly who made the proposal...for real!

It seems that the country is torn between on who actually made the proposal (well, to those who REALLY care about it anyway). It's between a machinist named Matthew Maguire, who was serving as secretary for the C.L.U. (Central Labor Union) & Peter J. McGuire a member of the A.F.L. (American Federation of Labor).

People claim that Peter J. McGuire got the idea from witnessing a similar event & celebration in Toronto, Canada in May of 1882. Others claim that Matthew Maguire was kicking around the idea months before that, so - you decide.

Not Every State Recognized Labor Day - at First!

Thank you, Oregon!

Although the proposal was made back in 1882, it wasn't until 1887 that the great state of Oregon accepted the proposal. The state led the way in accepting Labor day as a day set aside to celebrate the American worker. By 1894, thirty states recognized Labor Day.

When the "Pullman Strike" happened, The United States military & the US Marshals were responsible for killing civilian workers during the demonstration.

Fearing further conflict, the United States Congress & President Grover Cleveland went ahead and pushed the bill that made Labor Day a national holiday. President Cleveland made an agreement with the leader of the labor movement at the time and the bill was signed six days later after the strike.

Why September was Chosen

The first Monday in September was proposed by the C.L.U. and President Cleveland agreed because that way it will not conflict by another holiday supposedly only celebrated by Communists, Syndicates and anarchists - International Workers Day.

Grilling Out?

The last summer cook-out!
The last summer cook-out! | Source

So, What's the Plan?

The Last Days of Summer

What Labor Day Signify to Me?

Time to Pack Up

To most of us (including me) seeing another summer come & go can come a little depressing. Didn't get to do some of things I wanted to do; go to (any of) the places I wanted to go. There's still a few things around the house that need to be done that didn't...

The list can go on & on.

Don't sweat it.
It'll all be behind you by September 2nd.


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