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What should I get my Boyfriend for Christmas?

Updated on January 26, 2018

Do it together

Get something you'll both love
Get something you'll both love | Source

Not this year!

I'm betting you've gotten that "special" someone a Christmas present or two that either you are he regretted. We've all done it.This year you want to avoid that at all cost! You want to find that perfect gift! But where to start? How do you find the gift he'll remember for years to come (in a good way). What do you get? He's special, how do you make this years gift special too? It's confusing. I have some ideas. So let's answer that old question "What should I get my Boyfriend for Christmas"? And let's do it in a way to come up with something you both can love!

Keep in touch

These days everyone needs a smart phone. It's at the point that a smart phone is as much a necessity as your car! You simply must take the internet with you. This is one of the best ways you can help that special someone out, and it's the perfect way to keep in touch!

Should you Match?

Often his and hers gifts are the perfect way to say "I love you" all year long. However, some people feel this is a bit too Clingy". Only you can decide if this is the great gift you want it to be.

Usually if you've know him for some time and are intimate it's worth considering. It tends to bring you closer, and could be considered a good test of the future of your relationship.

Think something you'll both like

Maybe a wardrobe change?
Maybe a wardrobe change? | Source

Here's the Idea

The idea here is to try for as perfect a gift as you can get for your boyfriend. You want something you can both enjoy without breaking the bank! The trick, of course, is to make him believe you had only him in mind while making sure you can live with it too.

Yet you don't want another sweater, pair of pants, or a shirt. You want something you'll love to use together day after day. It needs to be something special. You want something you'll both simply love!

You'll both want it

Think something you'll enjoy too!
Think something you'll enjoy too! | Source

Consider You

Once you have a few ideas about things for him start finding things you both can live with.

Begin with your interests and see what matches up with his. Don't try to be too specific just yet, think about general categories.

I usually 'brainstorm some ideas and pick possibles from there. At this time I don 't consider price yet. That comes later.

Relate the present to his interests. Then try to "twist" it so you will enjoy it as much as he does.

How about a Home Theater?

here's something you'll both love!
here's something you'll both love! | Source

What he really wants

Something he'll enjoy with you
Something he'll enjoy with you | Source

Consider Him

When choosing his gift you'll want to consider some things about him. Answer these questions as best you can:

What are his interests?

What does he already have?

What are his hobbies?

What does he do for work?

Would you consider him introvert or extrovert?

You need something you both love, yet he has to think it is just for him. It needs to be his, but something you'll enjoy too! You need something he'll want to use everyday, ...with you!

Enjoy it with him.

You want something he'll absolutely love,... with you! Sure you could get a video game. You know, something you could play with him. You could even play online with him when you're apart.

But, unless you're into video games, that's not going to cut it. What you want is a toy he'll not only love, but you'll have fun playing with him!

How about you

How well Do you like Holiday shopping

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Make yourself the center

An idea gift is one that features you. Of course this cannot be obvious. Look for something that he'll want to use on you and share when you're not around! Things like cameras, smart phones, tablets, and even laptops fit the bill.

It is said: "a picture is worth a thousand words", but a video says it all!

Here's more help!

Yes You Can!

Just use these guidelines and you'll turn holiday terror into an opportunity! After all aren't the Holidays supposed to be fun? So start brainstorming! After all Christmas is almost here!

What do you think?

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    • profile image

      Hello 4 years ago

      You need to proof read your articles.

    • caretakerray profile image

      Ray Van Hoff 4 years ago from Michigan U.S.A.

      Pick from suggestions

    • profile image

      katonna 4 years ago

      What do I get my boyfriend for the Christmas

    • profile image

      Payton xx 4 years ago

      I gave my boy friend a love message in a bottle for christmas he loved it after he read it he gave me a MASSIVE bear hug!

    • monic-alang profile image

      Monica Langley 4 years ago from USA

      lol. Problem of every young lady but i used to give a simple gift card or have worm dinner to hubby :)