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What You Should Know Before You Decide To Drive Drunk For The Holidays

Updated on October 20, 2016

The holidays are fast approaching, and as you ruminate, where and how you will celebrate with family and friends look at some important information about driving when intoxicated.

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  • Drunk driving causes 41% of traffic fatalities. Drug impairment also falls within this percentage of traffic fatalities.
  • For every five motorists, three of the five will experience an accident caused by a drunk driver.
  • As of 2004, all state as mandated by Federal Law must set the new level of alcohol in the blood to 0.08.
  • A 12-ounce beer container, a medium size glass of wine, and an average alcohol shot have the same level of alcoholic content. Beer drinkers, however, make up most of the drunk driving arrests.
  • Two alcoholic beverages per hour affect alertness and cognitive thinking. People who with high levels of alcohol intake cannot accurately gage their level of impairment.
  • The DUI test helps establish drunk drivers since sober individuals can complete the test directive without delay or excuse. Consequently, if an individual cannot execute the requested steps he or she is under the influence.
  • A driver when stopped by an officer can refuse to take the breath test but his refusal will result in a three-month suspension of his driver’s license.
  • Your driving abilities become highly impaired at blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels below 10%.

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CC by Flickr | Source

Have you or a family member ever being involved with a drunk driver?

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  • The penalties for drunk driving consist of fines, suspension of license and jail time.
  • As per Federal government, in an attempt to minimize risk, the BAC for truckers, public workers, marine, and pilots falls at 0.04%.
  • The BAC for individuals under 21 begins at 0.00 and ends at 0.02%. This percent reinforces the “zero-tolerance” law that passed and the goal of the law begins with prevention of underage drinking.
  • Two thirds of drunk driving near to death crashed happen because of undetected impaired drivers.
  • Some state use Ignition Interlocks to monitor repeated DWI violators. The device connects to the car’s ignition, and measures the BAC level of the prospecting driver prior to getting behind the wheel. If his breath test has a score above 0.025, the driver’s car will not start.
  • License Plate Impoundment is prevalent in some states and applies only to repeat offenders. The arresting officer confiscates the plate and either impounds or destroys the item.
  • In some states, for extreme DWI offenders, House Arrest with Electronic Home Monitoring becomes an alternate to jail time.
  • Drunk driver when arrested in some states goes to criminal court; the court takes possession of the offenders’ license and vehicle.
  • A small percenter of DWI offenders “suffer from alcohol-use disorder” and as such before going through court, procedures most complete a rehabilitation classes.
  • After successful completion of a state mandated rehab program, an offender can receive a reduced charge of misdemeanor, suspension of license, probation and fines. This leniency most of the time extents to first time offenders.
  • Every year approximately 1.5 million people get arrested for impaired driving. The cost of each arrest extends beyond $3,000. If convicted the jail them starts at 1 year and increases based on the level of the offense and the state it occurred.

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CC by Flickr | Source

If the above information does not serve as motivation not to drive or prevent others from driving when intoxicated, consider the results of accidents caused by driving when drunk or high. Families lose love ones. Children lose their mother, father or siblings. Extended members lose aunts, uncles, and cousins. A neighborhood loses a good friend, a confidant, or a companion. The community loses advocates, potential political representatives, and longtime leaders. The state loses potential scientist, writers, doctors, lawyers and political activist. The country loses a life that would have possibly impact other lives with medical inventions and technology.

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CC by Flickr | Source

Then there is the residual impact of an accident caused by impaired driving. No lives were lost but the financial burden, the stress and psychological impact devastate many lives. The homes that will have to go through picking of the pieces literally and figuratively, after an accident must fight with insurance companies no matter how good, about car repair expenses and rental service. These individuals make several visits to the hospital that result in repeated interruption of work schedule as they complete the necessary physical therapy. They frequently endure lifelong injuries that prevent the once normal daily activities. A disconnect from family members who cannot understand the unwillingness to drive, to interact socially because of the anxiety resulting from a rear end or T-bone crash.

The accidents caused by drunk drives greatly traumatize the lives of children. The offenders will be arrested and will go to jail which means they will be absent from the home for an allotted period. When their children go to bed and wake up, they do so with the knowledge that mom or dad is not home due to incarceration. The shame and humiliation of this dreaded information influences their grades and dampens their motivation as they try to function in school and at home. The now incarcerated offender leave behind children, who periodically withdraw and are frequently unhappy. These children sometime act out in a destructive manner that have long and short-term bearings on their education, and ultimately their future. The victims’ children also suffer. Their normal everyday routine halted by the many inconveniences of injuries caused by the drunk driver. The untimeliness of physical therapy interrupts the play and extra-curriculum of the victims’ children. In addition, forced to live with the constant anxiety of the unknown and unexpected due the accident, these children are unable to concentrate in the classroom. Their families will not be able to function at the same level because the victims for a duration will experience physical pain as well as intruding financial loss.

This holiday season as you celebration and bond with friends and family, if you observe Uncle Bob or Aunt Sue or Tom-and-them consuming too much alcohol ask them to “sleep it off” before getting behind the wheel.


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    • Flipsgeraldine profile imageAUTHOR

      Yvette Marshall 

      3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      FlourishAnyway I felt personalizing the negative aspects of drunk driving will get more people to stop and think before driving while under the influence.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      I hope this hub makes a difference.


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