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When you have to attend, what to do

Updated on October 15, 2011
Preparation makes social events more than tolerable.
Preparation makes social events more than tolerable.

How to benefit from attending parties and business event

You have a party or benefit to attend and you’re not that happy to attend. Or maybe you really want to go but do not know how to meet the right people or that special someone. All you need is a little planning and I have some suggestions to help you gain personal and or professional benefit from your social event.

1.) Start with your plan to attend. Mark the date of the event on the calendar, put serious thought to your wardrobe and the message that you want to send with it. Change your attitude and turn this chore into a choice and venture into new territories.

2.) Think about what you can get out of this event in a “Best Case Scenario”. You can; a.) Make new contacts and friends b.) Learn some new things c.) Improve your self-confidence d.) Learn to be comfortable with yourself around others d.) Fun. Yes you can find yourself having a good time.

3.) Have your calling cards ready. If you don’t have business cards or calling cards have some made before the event. When you collect them at the event, write on the back where you met this person and maybe a few key notes on what you spoke on and learned from that person. Be certain when you go home to input them in your contact keeper.

4.) Greet and speak to EVERYONE. This event is about you but don’t take it personal. Don’t judge by appearances. That person in the ugly sports coat might be holding the secrete to you earning your first million. Your goal is to talk to as many people as you can so walk up to people in groups or by themselves. Introduce yourself and ask who they are and how they came to attend the function. Stay with each person for five to fifteen minutes then move on to the next after excusing yourself. Stay off your mobile and focus on the people at this event.

5.) Share. Be ready to share knowledge. Start conversations and join conversations and most of all, input your knowledge on any given subject. Before you leave to attend the party make a list of topics you can speak on; great restaurants, recent recipe you tried, new technology you read about, a fun antidote or have ready a couple good clean jokes.

When you approach any social event with purpose and a positive attitude you can be successful. We all have something to contribute so be open and share. You never know how far the people you meet at this event can take you so put on your running shoes and keep up!


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