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Where The Nuts Come From? Buying Something For Someone Who Really Really Loves Brazil

Updated on October 7, 2012

Buy A Gift To Remind You Of Beautiful Brazil!

Creative Commons Licence  Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
Creative Commons Licence Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) | Source

I see you, whipping out your wallet, I hear you, complaining about the misery and annoyingness of shopping for gifts! Honestly, friends, family and co-workeres simply shouldn't be allowed to have birthdays, not if they expect you to actually go to town and run around getting cards and presents for them! And as for Christmas, well, the less said about Christmas the better. (Goes on to rant at length, including the phrase 'Bah humbug' in there and detailing multiple nervous breakdowns resulting from having to simultaneously source multiple presents.)

Does it really have to be so hard, though? Surely there must be a way to simplify the procedure and not undergo a yearly nervous breakdown? Or more, if you really must go the whole hog and actually celebrate people's insignificant little birthdays alongside them. On your own head be it! I guess inside knowledge is the way to go: you need to get sneaky about your gift-buying procedures! No hanging around trying to fumble your way to purchasing the perfect present: instead, find out what it is they're into, then buy your objective object with laser-like precision!

You can go for sport, or music, or reading, or hobbies, or whatever you like when you're looking for an area that your target simply can't resist. Maybe Brazilian carnival costumes! Maybe they have an interest in a specific beauty spot? How about Brazil? What are you going to get someone who's just crazy about anything Brazilian? (I don't mean anything to do with wax. Unless that's what they're into, and they're quite vocal about it, I guess.)

Now, what's significant about Brazil that would help someone to purchase a present that brings it to mind? Let's see, it's a South American country, produces nuts – well, it does, I know it's terribly facile and trivial obvious but it can hardly be skated over. It is celebrated for football and dancing and carnival and... well, I may have come to the end of my highly suspect knowledge of all things Brazilian right there. How does it help? Well, maybe if you input football+Brazil, or dancing+Brazil, or carnival+Brazil, or nuts+Brazil into a search engine, it'll come up with a few suggestions for you! And if they want to visit Brazil, you could always splash out for air tickets for them!


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