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Where To Host Your Destination Wedding In India: The Best Fives!

Updated on August 8, 2016

‘Will you marry me?’ he asked. Bewildered, she said a ‘yes!’

But what’s next? Next comes the wedding planning. More and more Indian couples are now choosing destination weddings over the traditional in-town ones. With a desire of taking vows at a lovely location, away from the hustle bustle of city life, destination weddings have become extremely trendy. Having said this, the next issue that comes up is, where to host the big day? For making your ‘most-awaited-day’ a memorable and special one, you need pick a destination that best matches you desires as well as the budget bracket.

India has no dearth of amazing locations for getting hitched. You can choose from getting married amongst the snow-caped mountains, near the tranquil water at a beautiful beach or at some historical city with magnificent palaces. If you are still wondering which place to pick, don’t worry! We have done the homework for you and selected the top 5 places to tie a knot at. Here you go!

1. Get hitched the royal way in Udaipur

  1. Popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is sure make your dream of a romantic destination wedding come true. Udaipur is rated as one of the world’s best cities by Travel&Leisure Magazine and is unquestionably an amazing place for hosting an Indian wedding. This place is home to numerous ‘palaces-turned-hotels’ which are a unique blend of tradition and modernity, unparalleled to any other city.

    5 Best Budget wedding Venues you can select :

    • jüSTa Rajputana, Udaipur Resort
    • Fatehgarh
    • Chunda Palace
    • Udai Kothi
    • Oberoi Udaivilas


3. Take vows in the glorious city of Jodhpur

From magnificence to comfort, Jodhpur brings along everything a couple desires for their big day. Jodhpur is an abode of astonishing palaces and havelis, which are ideal for a ‘queenly’ weeding. Whether you wish to host a theme wedding or want to get married in the most traditional way, Jodhpur is the place to be. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Jodhpur a ‘mystical land of illimitable sands, perfect for a regal wedding’.

2. Go to Bangalore for your dream wedding

It might sound a little off-beat, but Bangalore does have some really amazing and classy wedding locations to offer. The best part about Bangalore is it’s ‘always-pleasant’ weather, which will surely make your dream-day memorable. There are several spectacular wedding venues with alluring ballrooms, gardens and banquets, where you can host your destination wedding.

4. Get married in Dilwaalon ki Dilli

While Rajasthan has emerged as the quintessential wedding destination in India, Delhi still holds a notably strong presence in terms of a popular destination for weddings, enticing couples from around the country. You can choose from a wide array of luxurious wedding venues in Delhi and make your big day even bigger and brighter.

5. Let your wedding bells ring in Hyderabad

The famous city of pearls and Nizams, Hyderabad is yet another striking place for organizing your wedding. With a distinguished variety of wedding venues to choose from, this place is surely an out-of-the-box place for getting hitched, the royal way.

Pick the best location for your destination wedding and make your fantasy into a reality.


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