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Where is Christ in Christmas

Updated on November 27, 2011

A Baby Lying in a Manger

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Let Me Paint You A Picture

I am going to paint you a picture of the mind. In it you can see a baby long ago. If you look you can see him in your mind about 2000 plus years ago. His mother Mary about to give birth and no where could she find to lay her body down in birth pains to deliver her child that was so precious to her that angels would come to her in her time of conception. Poor little baby had to be born in a stable, because there was no room at the Inn when Joseph knocked on the door for help for his wife, whom he loved and took care of like any man should. Could not one person have made a little room somewhere? This little baby had to be born in a stable like he was an animal coming into the world. How low did this baby have to be than to begin his life in a stable? The idea makes you think about how the struggle for life for Jesus began. We are talking about the son of God here. He was born in a stable with straw and animals surrounding him. Would you want your baby born in a stable with all the non-sterile beginnings. We have babies in hospitals now, and they make you wear a mask upon your face before you can even see one of them up close. I remember having to scrub my hands for my premature infant grandson, when he was born. We had to add antiseptic soap to our hands and scrub for minutes every time we went near him to touch him. Then we reflect upon this little baby that was born in the non-sterile stable. A King of Kings and Lord of Lords was born in such conditions. Top all that off with cows or sheep making noises and a baby might get awakened by all the noise around him. If my baby had been awakened in the night, then it might have meant hours of not sleeping around my house. I might add that in winter time the temperature might have even been cold in that stable. I never have heard that mentioned before either. Think if he had been born in the harsh heat or the coldest cold, and his mother was only given the place you shelter your animals to lie down. This is like having a pregnant lady coming to my door and saying I am about to give birth, and you say ok there is my garage or my out building. Don't think of trying to come in and have it in warmth and near me. I just cannot see how someone could be like that in a woman"s time of need. That picture paints a thousand and another thousand pictures within my head. I could go on and on about the actual birth place of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. However, he was born to flee Bethlehem where he was born to embark on a journey to Egypt for fear of King Herod and his soldiers bent on killing any possible baby that might become a Messiah. Think of all those that died in the land. Thoughts of mother's losing their infants to a fear of a king. Innocent little babes they were.

Think how a mother would feel to give birth and know that you could not stay in a country where your baby was born for fear of having someone put it to the sword. Many countries fear having their babies taken and killed, because of laws that say you can only have one child. Then for some cultures a male child must be born and not a female. Females are put down from conception. I can see how Jesus mother, Mary was driven to flee with her infant son to a new land for the fight to save him for a life time only to lose him one day on a cross, when he declared to be the son of God. That mother was visited by an angel and yet to find out her son would have to be the sacrificial lamb of God, his father. Shocking is my feelings on this, but I know without his taking on our sins, then we could not have everlasting life. We were born to sin and die. No matter how perfect we think we can be, then we realize we are not perfect. We sin on a daily basis, and yet he turns his eye and forgives us as long as we follow him.

I am bound to write my utmost thoughts within this hub, because I am disgusted with this nation who not only allowed God's name to be taken off it's money, prayers removed from schools, and public places. It goes way beyond all that. Why was a non believer allowed to take it to the limits? Was that not discrimination upon the Christian people. I cherish in my heart the days I stood and was allowed to hear prayers in public places, or listen to coaches pray with their team for blessings from God to give them strength. I stood many a day in the public school as a student, then later as as a teacher I would say the pledge of allegiance to our flag and country. America you lost your freedom and you do not know it. You laid down and rolled over to take from your the very breath of life given to you by God the father. America I do not know you. Where are your children today? Do you find them in front of a tube or in front of a gaming box. Spending all their waking days to violence in games. Where is the family unit? Where is your pride in your country. I was taught as a small child the respect of not only God but our nation as a country. Yes, we are a melting pot of people with many different faiths, but if someone chose to say I would like to pray as a Muslim, then I would not stop that in a public school as long as it were not forced upon the whole without choice. If you gave the students a place to go and pray within our schools, then would it not be allowing our culture to grow with better values. How does one learn do not kill or steal or harm another, if there is no reason to develop human values of faith? I am Christian and yes I have prayed with a Muslim that asked me to, when a child life was in jeopardy with a blood disease. I see no reason our country cannot respect all people and their choices,and yet you punish those that dare to pray in public as being a Christian.

Most of all you say now we cannot say we are having Christmas, and that means it is ok to have Black Friday for sales but oh no it is not all right to say we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Appalled by it I am for you see that is not my heart nor my way. I will not be shut up nor stopped from my faith. I will be the one that is the voice to be heard. I ask myself why was I not heard years ago to stop this. Yes it is my fault as much as it is yours, but take a stand people and stop losing your life and culture to a nation that does not care about anything but the all mighty dollar,. Who are we afraid to offend by saying Christmas. I can say the names of other religious holidays in this country and do not feel insulted by saying the names of other religious groups. Yes, America you deny Jesus and God just like in the day, when Jesus was crucified on a cross. I am not going to tell my friends to... oh.... have a nice holiday. It is not about a holiday..................! The reason we celebrate Christmas is because of his birth, and his death gave to us the eternity of ever lasting life we want, when we leave this earth. I can see this country now at a eulogy saying oh this person died and has gone to a holiday somewhere.

This writer is going to make my voice heard, and I am thankful for the one that laid down his life to give us hope for a future in his kingdom. Give your family a new gift this year and use your voice to be heard. Bring back the hope and joy of Christmas. Do not deny his name ever again. Speak out and take back your Christmas as it should be. Put Black Friday away, and remember him. One day you will ask yourself why he does not know you. It is going to be because you denied his name and did not stand for what you know is right. Merry Christmas to all out in the world. Thank you God for giving us your son to take away our sins, and may we look for to the day he returns to claim us and his Kingdom. God bless this nation and her people. Love your neighbors with open arms and do not discriminate upon them. Our life must stand for something. If you cannot take material things with you when you breath your last breath, and then I ask you why do you let law makers do this to you, your family,and your heirs. What kind of legacy are you leaving to anyone? Take a stand and stand up and greet people with a happy and merry Christmas. Most of all do not forget to say Happy Easter for that is what he was born into this world for. May God bless our people one day, when they find their voice to say God I love you. Make our life into a new beginning. Teach our children the way. Give the gift of caring not apathy. Merry Christmas and my gift to you is to open your heart to the true meaning of our faith.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      I felt that you expressed yourself very well and how you feel and that we are indeed missing vital parts of what our country and its founding fathers meant to establish and remain unblemished. The celebration of Christ's birth at our national holiday of Christmas should be "hands off" to all that would harm it, and given the great respect that it so deserves. The amazing account of how our Lord Jesus was born, his life and ultimate death so that we could be forgiven of all of our sins, is so magnificent and awe inspiring that it could not be some tall tale that desperate people wrote in days of old. There were thousands of witnesses and twelve disciples that all maintained that He was the son of God and each carried on his will after Jesus' death and resurrection. Thousands of miraculous events in Christ's life and more than two thousand years after his death, mark the certainty that all Christians have in each's strong belief in our Savior and that He is the true son of our God that created all that we see and can't see.

      Christmas was established in love for Jesus and his birth and exchanging of gifts is alright in my belief, yet, the commercialization that has developed over the years has done more harm than good to our national holiday and its true meaning. Cultural myths and fictional characters as that of Santa Clause, should be regarded lightly and in the spirit as part of a joyous season of giving, rather than receiving of gifts. Too much emphasis is placed upon Santa at Christmas in the households and not on the true meaning for this season of goodwill.

      Our founding fathers like Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, Franklin and the others were adamant and unswerving in their determination to help establish and maintain our basic rights under a constitution and a great war and the deaths of thousands help to provide these rights, in the Revolutionary War and our ultimate foundation of America. All that our congress has done in recent years is to tear down all of the most basic structure of our homes and country in which we all live. A return to our original mandates and positive structure is sorely needed and unless this occurs soon, we will all succombe to our own greedy precepts and habits so well evolved in what we now call a democracy. WE must strive for a positive change and unity in our nation and the family values we once had must return so that we will truly be a great nation once again.