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Where to Find Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Updated on April 22, 2016

Knowing Where To Find Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Make A Birthday Even More Fun By Getting Free Stuff and Freebies
Make A Birthday Even More Fun By Getting Free Stuff and Freebies | Source

With a birthday approaching, many people wonder where to find free stuff on your birthday? A lot of places of business offer free stuff on your birthday, more than you might realize. A birthday is a special day for everyone, and companies looking to establish relationships with new customers or to spread good cheer to existing customers recognize this and often offer free things on your birthday.

But where do you actually find free stuff on your birthday? A lot of birthday freebies can be found online; you just have to know where to look for them. Besides looking online, there are ways to increase your chances of getting free stuff on your birthday, if you know what to do.

Check Online To Find Free Stuff On Your Birthday

The Internet has become a marketing bonanza for companies trying to entice prospective customers to try their products. Companies literally give away free samples or free items on their websites for those willing to try their products or services. Many companies specifically offer free stuff on people’s birthdays for those willing to visit their websites and register with them.

The following are some ideas regarding where to find free stuff on your birthday:

  • Free Food and Free Meals – The restaurant industry loves to use birthdays as a promotional opportunity to get people to try out their restaurants. If you are the type of person who enjoys eating for free, search websites for various local, regional and national restaurants to see if they offer a registration to receive free food or a free meal on your birthday.
  • Free Coffee and Free Drinks – Many coffee, drink, and in some cases food retailers, offer a free coffee or drink on people’s birthdays. You may have to sign up for a user card and account to get a free coffee or drink on your birthday. For example, only registered holders of Starbucks Coffee Cards qualify for a free coffee from Starbucks on their birthday. Just make sure you visit the websites for coffee, drink, and food retailers to see if you can sign up for a free birthday coffee or drink.
  • Free Ice Cream and Free Deserts – After you have had a free meal and drink on your birthday, you are probably ready to treat yourself to a free desert. If you are looking for a free desert, you probably will not have a hard time finding one. Many ice cream retailers offer a free cone or ice cream item on people’s birthday for registered users of their websites. Some restaurants also offer free deserts, if you come in on your birthday. Visit the various websites of ice cream stores and restaurants in your area to see if they provide a way to register to receive a free ice cream or desert on your birthday.
  • Free Retailer Items – Retailers of all types and sizes are known to send free items to registered users on their birthday, so make sure you register with your favorite retailers, so they know when your birthday is and can send you a coupon either via email or regular mail that you can redeem for a free item when you visit their store.
  • Free Fun Things In Your Area – Local entertainment businesses, such as movie theaters, golf courses, and bowling alleys, utilize people’s birthdays to reach out to them and encourage them to try them out by giving out a free game or other free items. Just register with your local entertainment businesses, so they can send you any birthday freebies that they are offering.
  • Websites That List Places Offering Birthday Freebies – To help you find free stuff on your birthday, consult the many websites online that are dedicated to helping people find free stuff on their birthday. Check sites such as or or just do a search in your favorite search engine with the words “free stuff on your birthday” to find the latest listings of free stuff that is being given away for free as birthday gifts.

Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Free Stuff On Your Birthday

The easiest way to increase your chances of finding free stuff on your birthday is to let a lot of businesses know what your birthday is and how they can contact you. While this might make privacy advocates cringe, as it is somewhat risky to share your personal information with numerous people, it is the only way to ensure that businesses that have free things to offer people on people’s birthdays will notify you about their free birthday giveaways.

Local restaurants and businesses may not have websites or may not provide a way to register for free birthday giveaways online. Next time you are visiting them, see if they offer a hard copy way to register for a free birthday gift and make sure you register.

Free Birthday Ideas

What To Keep In Mind Regarding Finding Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Keep in mind that many restaurants and businesses offer free stuff on your birthday to collect information about you, so they can contact you with offers and other sales pitches in the future. For this reason, you may want to set up a separate email account, such as a Gmail account, to register for free birthday giveaways. That way, your regular email account will not be barraged with mail throughout the year that you may not be interested in reading. Of course, make sure you check your separate email account now and then for free giveaways, as restaurants and businesses may offer free stuff throughout the year for various promotional reasons. Also, keep in mind that the free stuff on your birthday can vary from year to year, and you should not count on receiving a freebie from any particular restaurant or business in a given year. The key to finding free stuff on your birthday is to sign up with businesses that offer birthday freebie promotions.

Have fun and enjoy your birthday! Getting free stuff for your birthday just makes it all that much more fun! What a great way to feel appreciated on your birthday! Just remember to sign up in advance to get free things on your birthday.

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Find Free Stuff For Your Birthday!
Find Free Stuff For Your Birthday! | Source


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    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 2 years ago from State of Confussion

      There is a few months till my birthday so I will bookmark this one to help remind me. Also there is a video store in town that will give a free movie on your birthday "Family Video for those of you in one of their national chain." So I tend to remind family and friends about this one. In fact there have been two movies that I watched then added to my collection.