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Customized Color Bikes for Creative Kids and Teenagers

Updated on August 4, 2013

Why Customized Colors?

Kids love color! And customized and colorful bikes have taken off in popularity in the last few years. They should remain popular for years to come, because people love expressing themselves, and the bright colors are good clean fun. Older kids will love expressing their unique personalities by designing the way their bicycles look.

Villy Customs are a Great Way to Order Custom Color Bikes.
Villy Customs are a Great Way to Order Custom Color Bikes. | Source

Villy Customs

Villy Customs' claim to bicycle fame was the popular tv show, ABC's Shark Tank. They are one of the more expensive custom color bicycles, with a fully customized bike priced at over $800. They have pre-made colored bikes available starting at $499.

Villy Customs specialize in beach cruisers, and have been around since 2009. This four year old company builds, assembles, packages and ships bikes from their home base of Dallas, Texas.

One downside is that Villy Customs don't come with baskets due to their design, but they will ship one to you if you're determined to get a basket on there.

Republic Bike Lets You Customize Your Entire Bike, Too.
Republic Bike Lets You Customize Your Entire Bike, Too. | Source

Republic Bike

Republic Bike is based in South Florida. They are also really affordable for the customization option, starting out at just $399. They ship anywhere in the US, Canada, Australia and Korea. They are also available through Urban Outfitters stores, as well as the Urban Outfitters online store.

Republic Bike's goal is to deliver customized bikes at an affordable off-the-shelf price point, and they have succeeded! In my experience, all Republic Bikes are very comfortable and easy to maintain, even for the most inexperienced cyclist. This is a good one to learn on.

Finally, Republic Bike doesn't just offer custom colors. They also offer at least 4 different styles of bicycles, along with custom colored stripes to supplement their solid color customization offering.

Big Shot Bikes offer fixed gear or single speed bikes, fully customizable in every color.
Big Shot Bikes offer fixed gear or single speed bikes, fully customizable in every color. | Source

Big Shot Bikes

Big Shot bikes have been around since 2009. Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Big Shot isn't just trying to make it big on the colorful hipster bike trend.

Fort Collins is a very bike friendly community with a lot of bike trails.The brand was started by a small group of individuals who simply love customizing their bikes.

Big Shot bikes have the ability to switch between a single gear or a multiple gear bicycle, which is great because not everyone wants to ride a fixed gear bicycle. Some of us are just in it for the custom colors!

Big Shot is privately owned by a group of individuals who have a passion for cycling and building the best bike at the most affordable price. You can get a customized fixed speed color bike starting at just $429. They are assembled in the USA and will ship bikes anywhere in the U.S.

A Note on Fixed Gear Bikes vs. Multiple Gears

I don't ride a fixed gear bike. I do love custom colors though, so Big Shot bikes are one of my favorites with a flip flop hub to switch to multiple gears.

As a mechanical engineer, I know how inefficient a fixed gear bike is. Efficiency is the reason why most bikes I saw growing up as a kid had multiple gears. You used to be really cool if you had above an 18-speed bike, with 21-speed being your biggest lifetime achievement as a 12 year old kid. That bike meant you could probably go faster than everyone else.

To see fixed gears take over has been quite a slap in the face to my engineering forefathers, who are probably rolling in their graves every time a newly minted hipster picks up their first fixie from Urban Outfitters. I have nothing against hipsters, I am a partial hipster at the very least - I did write this article after all!

I have ridden both fixies and multiple gear bikes, this is my take away on each type of gear train.

Fixies have amazing control, especially in heavy traffic. However, if you must stop while riding at high speeds, make sure you PRACTICE sliding to a stop before you ever need to. If you don't master this skill before you go out riding, you ARE going to get into a huge, painful accident. Fixies typically don't have brakes. Fixies also allow you to build up strength that other riders of multiple gear bikes can't achieve - because the option is always there for us to cheat and switch into an easier gear.

Multiple speed bikes make an efficient use of your energy if you shift correctly, and they have brakes - which means you never have to worry about stopping. Unless of course you pull the front break only, in which case you're going to flip over your handlebars.

Now that you know how to ride both kinds of bikes safely, I hope you get the chance to ride a colorful, customized bike someday. They are super fun and kids both young and old really love them.

Do You Want a Colorful Bike?

Please let me know if this article helped you reach a decision, or at least got you thinking about colorful bikes! Thanks for reading.


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    • madeinla profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from West Coast

      Thanks CF! Will give them a look.

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 

      5 years ago from Nottingham UK

      If you're after a custom colourscheme for your road bike- Ridley bikes are a great place to head. CF


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