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Where Have All The Hippies Gone?

Updated on April 30, 2013

It all started in the 1950’s when a small segment of society dropped out of the mainstream culture and embraced the beat way of life. It was drop out-tune in. Few would take the leap, and even fewer would maintain the beat lifestyle. The beat generation just slowly disappeared and were nearly forgotten when 1966 finally arrived and a new group of radical thinkers emerged onto the landscape of “straight” society.

I was a new teenager in ’66 and eager to embrace anything my parents found objectionable. The more parents hated long hair, wild clothes, rock music and poor choices in friends, the more attractive they were. Whacked out colors in our clothes, long flowing hair, the Doors and as many drugs as we could find was the call of the day. The greatest thing for a young teenage boy was the new lose attitude from hippie chicks about sex. They gave it willingly, and getting laid was easy. Often you could pick up chicks just by asking them if they wanted to smoke a joint. Just by looking like a hippie freak, and acting like you really cared about the world would get you laid by some fine looking hippie girls.

By the time I was 16 I believed whole heartedly in the Hippie message of love, peace and happiness. Everyone wanted to be as cool as John Lennon and Lennon style sunglasses were part of the new hippie uniform. For most of us, it was just a phase we were going through. But some people really believed, and for them Woodstock never ended. These true believers never cut their hair, never changed their lives as they aged to enter the business world. No, they believed in the hippie ideals and moved to the country to live out their lives following the flowers of cultivation.

Nearly 50 years later, you can find most of the true hippies living in Northern California in Grass Valley and Nevada City. They are happily embracing the beauty of the mountains, lakes and rivers and many are successful in a variety of careers including supplying huge quantities of high quality pot for the rest of the country.

The entire New Age culture can be found here in Grass Valley/Nevada City; from alternative medicine, yoga, martial arts, spiritual awareness classes and gurus to music by the best artists this country has ever produced. In Grass Valley/Nevada City, you can come home to the ‘60’s. The women, now in their 50’s-70’s still wear the long hair and multi-cultured long skirts and dresses. Their make-up has not seemed to have changed in style in 50 years nor their taste in craft style jewelry they wear. The men now very gray, sport long hair and many have long flowing gray beards. In both the women and in the men, you can still see the reflection of their wild youth. If you are an old hippie, or just love to see old hippies, come to Grass Valley/Nevada City, California and revisit your youth. For young people who missed the 60’s, you come too, you might find the hippie in you.

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