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Best White Elephant Gift Idea for Christmas 2016

Updated on March 24, 2016

Finding the right white elephant gift is the key to being sure that your white elephant gift party is a success. Below check out my list of the 10 best white elephant gift ideas!

It's My favorite party every year:

Around the holidays my wife and I hold a friendly white elephant gift exchange or Yankee Swap party. Each year the party and gifts get a little more rowdy than the year before. In year's past we've seen live goldfish, enormous superman underwear, secondhand lingerie, live chickens, a shave-with-me barbie, and other unmentionables. This year the best white elephant gift given out was a Walmartians Calendar and a Shave-with-me Barbie. I'll show you how to make these homemade white elephant gifts and give you some other ideas for your party below.

New Christmas 2010:  Talking Naughty Santa Doll!
New Christmas 2010: Talking Naughty Santa Doll!

White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas: Rules

What is a White Elephant Gift?

A white elephant gift is usually a gift that is funny, creative, and the best white elephant gifts are a little bit inappropriate or irreverent. Price restrictions are usually placed on the white elephant gift or Yankee swap gifts - usually no more than $25 per gift. Couples generally bring two white elephant gifts.

The rules for a white elephant gift exchange or Yankee Swap party are simple:

  • For 6+ people
  • Everyone gets a white elephant gift to exchange.
  • Get in a circle and choose someone to go first.
  • The person who is chosen opens a gift.
  • Clockwise others around the circle will take turns opening a gift.
  • If the second person likes the first person's gift, then they can "steal" that person's gift.
  • The first person then has to pick another gift from the middle to choose.
  • The gift opening continues with the person to the left of whoever stole the gift.

5 stars for Talking Naughty Santa Doll

10 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

1.) Talking Naughty Santa Doll

You're friends will never think of Santa in the same way again with this Talking Naughty Santa Doll.

Manufacturer's Product Description

This hilarious Talking Naughty Santa Doll is sure to bring in the holiday cheer! With a unique sense of humor, Santa tells you that's all you're getting this Christmas! Even if you've been bad or good, you're sure to love the Naughty Santa Doll.

2.) That's What She Said Button

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw this. This is probably my bestselling item this year. The That's What She Said Button. Michael Scott has said it in so many ways and you have too. Enjoy! Also see the Dwight Bobblehead for a great white elephant combo gift!

3.) Reindeer & Santa Clause Pooper Candy Dispensers

Always good for a laugh are the Reindeer and Santa Clause Candy Dispensers. The reindeer dispenser fits right into what I tell my kids each year about Santa's reindeer... the darn things keep pooping on my lawn! It's part of the "proof" that Santa has come when they leave behind "raisin poop" on the front lawn.

Flingshot Toys Flying Chicken

This white elephant gift idea is Great for any overly aggressive teenager or spouse the flingshot chicken takes out all of your aggression leaving only laughter behind.

The Chicken makes a rooster crowing sound as you fling it across the room.

Also available: Flingshot flying monkey, pig, cow, frog, and duck each with their own hilarious sounds. You can find all of them on the "customers who bought this item also bought" portion of the bottom part of the Amazon page.

*Great for a Corporate White Elephant Gift Party is the Catapult Toss a boss.

Emergency Underpants

Here is one of the most convenient white elephant gifts you can give!

These are great for any sidewalk accidents, emergency underpants come in handy just when you didn't know you needed them. These are especially important when you eat sidewalk food for lunch or when you take a long ride in the car with Grandpa.

Unique White Elephant Gifts - Bacon Scented Car Air Freshener

This baconscented car air freshener smells better and is more sanitary than that uneaten sandwich left undiscovered underneath your passenger seat.

Need something to spice up your marriage? Try some bacon flavored mints and soap to woo your bacon lover. This could be the best white elephant gift you give out!

Didn't find the bacon prize you are looking for? If you click on one of the items in the right just scroll down to what other bacon lovers purchased with that item. The list is endless!

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas - Instant Excuse Ball

Rather than those old sketchy 8 balls why not get your excuse-ridden partner an instant excuse ball instead.

20 legitimate excuses included!

Also great for that irresponsible teenager of yours!

I've also included some other excuse ball related material to your right.

Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Tired of your husband and all his moans and groans? Spice up your marriage with this Instant Irish Accent Breath spray.

This gift is sure to get stolen more than a few times at your party.

Senior Moments Board Game

Senior Moments Board Game - For that over-the-hill senior in your life why not give them a gift that they'll remember forever?

Other good ideas: Over The hill Survival kit and coffin gift box, and over the hill the "You are aging breath spray".

10.) Control a Woman Remote Control

For the optimistic and naïve this control a woman remote control is perfect for the man in your life that no longer wears the pants, but thinks he still does.

* Bonus - Daddy's Diaper Changing Apron - With a 5,3, and 1 year old this one really rings home.

Winning Sweater pattern

Our winning sweater had this exact pattern on their sweater except that both deer had horns...
Our winning sweater had this exact pattern on their sweater except that both deer had horns...

Party Gift Suggestions - A Bad Christmas Sweater Theme

At our white elephant gift exchange we always do an ugly sweater contest.

Categories ideas for your Ugly Sweater Contest

1.) Ugliest sweater

2.) Most Christmas Spirit

3.) Funniest Sweater -

4.) Tightest Sweater

5.) Homemade

Other Great White Elephant Exchange Gift Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas

For the extremely serious white elephant gift exchange gift giver here are some wrapping paper ideas for your gag gifts.

Optional White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

  • Gifts can only be stolen 2-3 times so that it doesn't get redundant. Once it has been gifted 2-3 times that gift is then "locked" or "dead".
  • Prizes can be given out to the best or funniest white elephant exchange/Yankee Swap gift.
  • Wear what you get! 

Walmartians - They're Here!
Walmartians - They're Here!

A Few Good Homemade White Elephant Gifts

1.) Walmartians Calendar - This was the best white elephant gift idea of our party this year! Have you ever received a forward about the Walmartians? This year my wife and I made this great Walmartians Calendar out of a few Walmartians pictures we found online. Here's a couple great pictures from it!

2.) Shave With Me Barbie - Here's what you need, some super Glue, a barbie, scissors, and a little time. Take the Barbie out of the box and make sure not to damage the box in the process. Then cut a little bit of barbie's hair off the back of her head. Take some some super glue and put it on her legs and armpits. Quickly place some of the hair you cut off on her legs and armpits. Stick her back in the box with a label "Shave With Me Barbie" on the inside of the box. When this gift was given away at our part it also included a razor. This one best white elephant gift of the year last year!

Games to Play and give away at your White Elephant Gift Party

What's a white elephant party without a few awesome games. We have to games that we like to play each year and if you are hosting a party, they are incredibly cheap and also make great prize giveaways!

Boxers or Briefs - You will laugh so hard when you play this game! You Roll the Dice. Then whoever rolled it is the subject of everyone else's cards. Pick some boxes or briefs terms that describe whoever is it.

Laura from Amazon said this about Boxers or Briefs: "I thought this game might be as horrible as that Fact or Crap game, but no way! This was HILARIOUS!! It was tame enough to play with my mother-in-law while at the same time dirty enough to play with my friends. Like the other reviewer said, you do need to plan your sips of drink carefully. Also, head to the bathroom BEFORE the cards are read. I look forward to playing this game again and again. LOVE IT!"

White Lies - Can you tell who is telling the truth and who is lying? Whoever can first wins! Since everyone is already in the circle from the white elephant gift exchange this is the perfect game to play afterwards.

Try to Top this Great White Elephant Gift

Other Awesome White Elephant Exchange and Gag Gift Ideas

If you like this hub please check out my 10 best gag gifts for men hub too! All of these are really good gag gifts!

You can also hold a bacon themed White Elephant Gift Exchange or Yankee Swap Party. I've written a hub on my favorite bacon accessories and t-shirts as well!

Leave Your Ideas Below!

I will pretty much accept any comments/ideas anyone have for gag gifts below! Make sure to leave yours best gift ideas, jokes, and prank ideas!

If you like my article and think I posted some good ideas, then please help me out - vote it up and leave a comment.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of the "10 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas". If you didn't find the perfect gift for your white elephant gift exchange, then please check out my other "gag gift-themed" hubs where you can find over 70 more ideas!

If you're also looking for Christmas, be sure to take a look at my geek and gadget gift ideas.

© 2010 brandonhart100

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    • mangifter profile image

      mangifter 2 years ago

      These are some hilarious white elephant gift ideas for sure!

    • profile image

      Mark 3 years ago

      Someone was selling Walmartian calendars. Will keep trying to find the vendor!

    • profile image

      rms 4 years ago

      would you consider making one of the walmartians calendars?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I am bringing a redneck smores kit....marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, matches and bbq tools!

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      We did a branch of a tree with a bullet cartage and put a sign on it that says and a cartage in a bare tree. It was funny.

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      the best gift is a quite closing toliet seat/lid. it's funny and very useful.

    • profile image

      Courtney 6 years ago

      I will be bringing an Emergency Poo Kit as a White Elephant gift this year.


      Toilet seat covers stolen from the office neatly folded into a small envelope, travel pack of tissues, travel pack of wet wipes, travel size Febreeze air freshener, travel size hand sanitizer - all put into a small makeup case with a label. Feel free to add some Immodium and/or a spare pair of undies for more laughs.

    • profile image

      tyra 6 years ago

      Get and XXL womans underwear and add a cardboard handle to the top and call them a briefcase