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White Walker Makeup And Costume Ideas

Updated on October 23, 2017

The White Walker, Night King

This is the Night King from Game of Thrones
This is the Night King from Game of Thrones | Source

Game of Throne fans are afraid of the White Walkers, at least this one is. I hated that the wraiths were able to raise the dragon, Viserion, and fear what's coming in the next season of my favorite TV series.

Whenever I see the Night King, his eyes burn through me. Ice cold, blue and beautiful as can be, yet frightening. Is that how you see these characters too? There really seems to be no stopping if you can't beat them, become one for Halloween.

The White Walker costume isn't as easy to make as a Bob Ross costume would be, but you won't get the reaction to Bob like you will the Night King.

The White Walker

Notice the piercing blue eyes of the White Walker
Notice the piercing blue eyes of the White Walker | Source

You are going to need the help of some makeup tutorial videos and some fx makeup to re-create the White Walker look for Halloween. It's not as simple as some other costume ideas you will find, but it's well worth the extra work.

Watch the videos I've posted at the bottom of the page, make a list of the materials you will need, and listen carefully to the application tips each video will give you to create this character look for yourself.

Game of Thrones: Night's King White Walker Makeup Tutorial

This is an amazing video that shows a step by step transformation from human female to the White Walker. The products that were used in this video (and you will need if you decide to create this costume look) are:

  • Graftobian Bald Cap
  • Mehron White Paint **
  • Mehron Black Paint **
  • Mehron Blue Paint **
  • Mehron LIght Green Paint **
  • Playdoh
  • Ben Nye Liquid Latex
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Eye Shadow Palette (Blueish - Green Eye Shadow)
  • Sugarpill Bulletproof Eye Shadow

**Mehron paint is a special makeup and body paint...don't use just any paint on your body!

This is quite an instructional video. If you want to use this costume theme for Halloween, I would suggest a practice run. You don't have to create the entire look, but you might want to practice painting some of this costume.

Night King - White Walker Makeup Transformation

This video makeup tutorial gives you a good look into what this makeup artist is doing to create this look, but there are some latex steps in it that aren't very clearly I don't know how you can re-create the steps you are shown. If you have some knowledge of latex work, you might not have as tough a time as I did. The finished look is quite good.

White Walker | Game of Thrones | Makeup Tutorial

To create this version of the White Walker you will need the following products:

  • Graftobian Spirit Gum
  • Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax
  • Graftobian Liquid Latex
  • Mehron Creme Blend Stick: White
  • Ben Nye - Death Wheel Palette
  • Blue Contacts: Shiva Contacts

Who Is The Night King of the White Walkers?

The Night King was the first White Walker. He was a man who had been captured by the Children of the Forest. The dragon glass dagger was forced into his chest and he lived as he had no more. His eyes became bright blue and was changed into the very first White Walker.

He was turned into this creature by the Children of the Forest to give them protection from the men who had invaded their land, cut down their trees, and even killed some of their people.

The White Walker Night King And Fire

Fire and Ice take on a new meaning when we speak of the White Walkers
Fire and Ice take on a new meaning when we speak of the White Walkers | Source

The Powers Of The Night King

The Night King has some powers that make him a frightening adversary.

As we have seen on GoT, he can turn a human baby into a White Walker by touching the baby's cheek.

The Night King has the ability to raise the dead to become wights. He seems to just lift his arms to accomplish this.

He is believed to be extremely strong, as we saw when he threw the Ice Spear at the dragon, Viserion, and was able to kill him.

He can shatter weapons.

He can cause seismic activity in the ground.

The Night King can sense wargs, or can sense when animals are under the control of a warg. We saw this in several scenes with Bran.

He can walk through fire and it seems fire will not harm fact, he can make it go out.

I cannot wait to see the next season of Game of Thrones to find out how this Night King and his White Walkers fare against the forces coming against them.

The Night King - A White Walker With His Ice Spear

The Night King and the Ice Spear, like the one that killed Viserion
The Night King and the Ice Spear, like the one that killed Viserion | Source


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