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Who Should Be And Should Not Be Included In Your Guest List?

Updated on July 23, 2015

Creating Your Guest List

Wedding planning as a whole can be stressful and overwhelming. There could be a lot of wedding details, you need to consider and trying to cover them one by one oftentimes is confusing especially if you get down to other details like creating your guest list.

While you can seek help to most wedding details, deciding on who you will and will not invite to your wedding it a task that you have to do yourself and it is such an energy-drainer. There are cases where relationships are affected by this certain phase in wedding planning. So to make this task easier, here are the key questions you need to answer to help you create your guest list.

How Many Guest You Wish To Invite?

Obviously, this is crucial not only in deciding about your budget and venues but also in creating your guest list. Before you start in creating your guest list, it is crucial for you to know how many guests you are going to send invitations for your wedding. This will serve as the backbone in generating your wedding guest list.

Furthermore, when you have decided how many guest you want for your wedding, it is also important that you should inform your family. In some cases, family member have some contribution in the expenses and once they have, it also mean that they have the right to bring “plus ones” with them. You have to set a clear limit on both parties on how many guests they are allowed to bring with them. Let them know that as much as you want them to bring as many guests as they want, you wedding event only allows limited number of people.

How Significant Are Their Presence In Your Wedding?

After you have determined the number of guests you wanted to invite, list down the people you want to be in your wedding. You are free to list down as many as you want since this is just your draft guest list. Once you list down all of them, one by one, assess how important their presence is in your BIG DAY. Of course, families and BFFs are automatically invited but there are potential invitees which you need to really assess whether you need their presence. Cross out those people who you think without their presence does not really matter and will not get insulted even if you will not invite them.

Can They Bring Significant Others?

In any wedding event, it cannot be avoided that there are some guests that will bring a date. While it is okay if you have a flexible budget for wedding invites, it can pose a problem when you are only allowed with limited invitees. So you have to set a rule when it comes to bringing “guest of guests” in your wedding. You can emphasize in your invitations that they are only allowed to bring one guest or if you are really on a tight budget set a “no ring, no bring” rule.

Is Children Allowed?

There are some couples who do not want children in their wedding while others love to have them included in weddings. It is really up to you, as couple, whether you allow children or not. If bringing children to your special day bothers you too much, you have to make it clear to your invitees which include your families, that you don’t want any children in your wedding event. In most cases, you don’t need to bother yourself with this issue too much since most guests treat wedding events as their escape from their children.

How Sure Are You That They Are Going To Attend Your Wedding?

Yes, you are almost done with your wedding guest list, you have list down all of them and you have set your rules very clear. However, how sure are you that your potential guests will really be present in the wedding? For sure, you don’t your money to go to waste when you have paid for 150 persons and only 120 guests arrived, right? So, you have to make sure that your guests will more likely to attend your wedding.

You can forgo invites to those potential invitees who are too far from your location or if you think you must invite them, you can call them a week away from the wedding date if they are sure to come. You can do the same to other guests who you are not so sure will come.

Aside from these tips, here are some types of people you should and should not invite in your wedding.

Should Invite

  • Both Parties’ Families and Close Relatives
  • Married friends who invited you in their own wedding.
  • People with active involvement in nurturing your relationship with your sweetheart.

Should Not Invite

  • Exes
  • Your Boss
  • Your Whole Office
  • Neighbors
  • Annoying People

Wrapping Up

Unwanted guest can be very challenging. It can pose a problem especially if you know that these guests might ruin the whole wedding celebration. At first look, it may be difficult to handle “guest list” task especially if you have limited number of people to invite. But for as long as you know the simple tips in choosing who you are going to invite in your BIG DAY, it will be a lot easier for you to come up with an appropriate wedding guest list.


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