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Corporate Gift Baskets Make the Best Rewards at Business Events

Updated on April 22, 2015

Pick Corporate Gift Baskets as Your Company Presents

There is one primary reason to choose corporate gift baskets as your business presents of choice: very few people will be able to dislike them. There are truly few items that will meet this requirement, and a lot of people can be very harsh about presents they don't enjoy. With this type of reward, however, almost everyone will find at least a few fun treats within their basket that they will enjoy.

This works out especially well in situations like at company events where the intended recipient is unknown. Also, the mystery added by having some unknown prizes hidden away in the package makes giving these as awards a great choice for those wanting to increase client or employee participation.

Even if it doesn't completely suit them, the recipients will enjoy the beauty and presentation of the gifts and pass the included treats along to their family and friends later. The artful, pleasing appearance of unique business gifts (as well as the thoughtful gesture behind them) will go a long way with the recipients, regardless of the actual content.

This holds true for almost all scenarios, including using them as company rewards for employees who perform well during team building at company events. There are, of course, a few exceptions to this rule.

Variety and Color Are Key

Pretty and not going to spoil anytime soon. This type of attractive, colorful gift basket is perfect for rewards or prizes at corporate events.
Pretty and not going to spoil anytime soon. This type of attractive, colorful gift basket is perfect for rewards or prizes at corporate events. | Source

Make Sure Your Business Present Fits Your Intended Recipient

If you have gotten to know the people you intend to gift through your business relationships, then it is important to target your client gifts towards them (or at least target it away from what you know won't work for them).

You should be sure that you are never giving a tempting sugary, high calorie basket to those who are watching their weight, diabetic, or sick with other illnesses that may be worsened by sugar.

Additionally, you may want to avoid grooming and hygiene products that may accidentally make implications about the hygiene of the intended recipient. Spa sets including soap should be particularly avoided for recipients from an Asian background as some Asian cultures view this type of gift in a negative light due to the implication of not being clean.

Also, never target a client with a gift that you think may work out well because of their ethnicity. If you are positive that they love a particular type of food or other items from their native country, it may be reasonable to pursue a gift that includes those particular items. However, don't pull a tourist mistake and think that an eccentric gift basket that targets their native country or race will be a good call.

Racist Gift Basket Comedy Prank

Use as Prizes for Company Events

If company gift baskets are going to be rewards or prizes for recipients who are undetermined, then the best course of action is to pick a type that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Corporate food gifts that will provide this kind of variety can include everything from caviar and wine to smoked meat and cheese.

Some baskets will include lots of sugar and calorie laden treats. In general, this is fine, but you should know your staff (or other recipients) and consider whether these unhealthy treats are a good thing to be handing them. If there are issues with weight among many of your employees, then it would be wise to pick a basket that primarily includes options with less sugar and fewer carbohydrates.

Deliciously Healthy and Aesthetically Appealing

Colorful, delicious fruit: perfect for corporate gifts.
Colorful, delicious fruit: perfect for corporate gifts. | Source

It Is Hard to Go Wrong with a Corporate Gift Basket

If the business gift basket is a prize or reward during a corporate event or company team building activity, then it is highly unlikely that anyone will complain about a gift that will look beautiful and provide a variety of treats. On the other hand, some company presents like pen or stationary sets could leave a lot to be desired. Make sure that you aren't choosing something that a good portion of your audience will likely not want or need.

With a beautiful basket, even if the content isn't useful at all to the recipient (which isn't that likely), the beauty displayed and the extravagance of being presented such a lovely item will be a great reward in itself. The presentation experience is a big part of what makes a reward feel special. Getting a prize or gift that looks great in a picture in front of their acquaintances will please even the most difficult recipients.

Attractive Packaging Is Best

Another fruit variety basket that can be used as a corporate gift basket, although this packaging leaves a bit to be desired aesthetically.
Another fruit variety basket that can be used as a corporate gift basket, although this packaging leaves a bit to be desired aesthetically. | Source

Use as Corporate Team Building Rewards

Nothing adds motivation to corporate team building like offering a fun award to the winner(s). Again, it is not just the reward itself that helps build motivation; the presentation in front of their peers that displays them as the winner will greatly appeal to most participants. Offering an attractive award will inspire healthy competition and foster team spirit (if winning teams will be awarded instead of an individual).

It is always a good idea to have a few rewards or prizes for teams (to foster teamwork), as well as having some rewards or prizes for individual participants. Frankly, without having some kinds of prizes or rewards available at company events, they can sometimes be a bit dull. Adding some corporate gift baskets into the mix really helps spice up the event and make it more engaging and memorable.

Get the "Too Cool" Guys at Your Event Participating

No, you most likely won't have high school age participants, but don't act like you don't know the type of guy I'm referencing. This is the type of guy who rolls his eyes and snorts whenever an activity is described. To be fair, though, it can be hard to design fun corporate events.

While building trust and teamwork is very important at these types of events, it can sometimes feel really boring. Having fun awards for participating in or winning certain activities will help draw in even the most adamantly stubborn participants. Of course, depending on the crowd, you will need to make sure you have a worthy prize that will make even these harsh critics want to win.

Don't Forget to Pump Up the Crowd When Announcing the Prize

One of the best aspects of using prizes with a variety of components is that there are inevitably going to be surprises in the package. Use this to your advantage. When you are announcing the prizes, don't just call out a plain, boring description. Instead, mention a few of the fanciest items in there and how you can't believe how many different treats are hidden within the prize (and, perhaps, how desperately you hope you win).

See what I mean? That will help pump up the crowd and draw people into the thrill of the prize. The sense of mystery due to the variety of content that a gift basket provides is a huge advantage over a simpler gift that is too easy to describe from the get-go. It adds to the desire to win just so that the participants can find out what all is included.

Also, there is often a sense of camaraderie gained when the winner gets to show off the entirety of the contents after winning. This adult version of show and tell can provide a great ego boost to the winner and also stimulate companionship among the participants. Corporate events can sometimes be a drag, but using these methods to help pump up the crowd can go a long way towards making the activities more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Hopefully, this article will have helped you learn more about unique corporate gift baskets. Ideas for unique business gifts can sometimes be difficult to come by. After reading this article, you will likely have discovered some great tips for choosing presents to give at your corporate events. Please share your experience in the poll below.

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