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Why You Should Hand Out Dum Dums for Halloween

Updated on October 30, 2013

Food Allergies and Children

Allergies Ruin Halloween!

As a food allergy-sufferer, I can say Halloween was both a wonderful and a very terrible holiday as a child. My eyes gleamed as I rang doorbells, feeling giddy whenever I received an entire candy bar. As I walked up to each house, I loved the possibility that each prop could potentially be real. As the night came to an end, I'd warm my fingers as I came home. My mom and I would pour the candy on the floor, and then came inventory. Grouping each candy type, I would set aside most of the candy into the dreaded pile: Do Not Eat. Why? Because they contained or was processed in a facility with some type of nut.

Children Feel Left Out

I had always felt very alone in this practice, and trick-o-treating always highlighted the fact that I wasn't normal. All my friends loved peanut butter and nutty caramels. So did adults, and I think that's why most Americans will hand out some sort of allergy-related candy this year. After reading this article, I do hope you reconsider and make all children feel good this Halloween.

Why Dum Dum's?

Dum Dum's are fantastic! Let me rephrase, the company is fantastic. I was to say the least, shocked when I went onto their website to discover the company policies. As a consumer can tell from very clear packaging, Dum Dums are free of the top allergens. This means they are free of peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, and gluten.

Now, if you don't suffer from allergens, this is a whoopty-do. Understand this. Say you're allergic to one of the mentioned above. This could be life-threatening and unfortunate. This being so, if the common citizen emails a company to ask if a food is safe to eat, most companies will say no. Why? They aren't careful in the facilities and don't want to be help responsible incase of a consumer's reaction. Think back to Dum Dum's. It's listed ON THE BAG that these candies are safe. By buying these pops this Halloween, you're giving parents peace of mind.

(Always check labels to ensure policies and ingredients didn't change and are safe!)

What is your favorite flavor?

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There's a Flavor for Everyone.

You can't go wrong with fruit flavors. While there are traditional flavors like orange and cherry, Dum Dums also have mixed modern flavors this year. For example, I bought a bag with Peach-Mango and Raspberry Lemonade enclosed. I haven't met a person yet who hates root beer or butterscotch, either. Again, everyone will like Dum Dum's.

Happy Halloween!

So, in short, be the cool neighbor on the block and make this a safe and inclusive halloween with Dum Dums! You can always buy discount candy on November 1st in your favorite brand!


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