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Why Having A Good Father Matters? What Is The Importance Of Father?

Updated on June 21, 2015

Family; The Un-destroyable Bond of Love!

Lucky are those who can associate themselves to a family. Lakhs of people in the present day lack any living being to whom they can form a relation to. This pitiful state prevails among several kids below the age of seven.

Just imagine how painful would it be to not have anybody to look up to, not experience love and above all have nobody to call your own! A family is the backbone of any individual for it cushions the shock and despair one encounters in life.

There are several facilities and shelter homes set up for children nowadays which enable a few kids to experience their long lost family love. However, most of the kids we see on road selling peanuts and polishing shoes haven’t yet seen the light of the happy beginning. Children nowadays tend to ignore their family ties and sacrifice family time for other things.

This trend however is becoming quite popular among kids of the upper strata of society but it’s not long before life would make every individual realize the true importance of a home and family. Maximum lessons of life are learnt not by attending any school or college but taught at home by our elders. These are the lessons if not well learnt would cast severe trouble later in life.

The Role of a Father: The Ace Knight!

It is quite impossible to draw a comparative chart contrasting the qualities of a mother and a father. This impossible task would lead to several days of accounting and comparing. No doubt a woman is the greatest embodiment on earth for she goes through inhuman pain in order to give birth to an offspring but it is the father who brings about the stability in the family.

Father Is Every Kid's First Superhero
Father Is Every Kid's First Superhero | Source

When a child is born the first person who those little eyes see is mother and father. As the kid grows up he/she more often than not sleeps on dad’s shoulders, swings with dad, takes a mini sky leap and lands on dad’s arms. In short, to every kid a father plays the role of the hero. Yes it is scientifically proven that most of the kids find their first role models in their fathers. Hence, right from how a father talks, walks, sings, dances and behaves has deep influence on the child.

The most important role a father plays is being the pillar supporting the family. Supporting by monetary means, emotional stability and drawing the discipline lines in the house. A child gets the courage to sleep peacefully at night without having bad dreams because he/she knows that dad will take care, similarly for a girl child her father is the ultimate hero and the yardstick with which she measures other men who she meets in her day-to-day life.

Building A Healthy Father-Child Relationship; Something That Makes Life Beautiful!

Every child till the age of thirteen believes their father to be their hero and the best father on earth. However, as the kids enter adolescence period things start going haywire in their brains and there starts to occur miniature misunderstandings between father and child. This situation arises in almost all the families and it is mainly because of the communication gap that comes into picture. In this situation no single body is to be blamed for it’s the cumulative confusion which causes this problem.

Hormonal changes in the child makes him venture out into the world, there seems to be a belief that the world is yours and at your feet. This feeling often makes the child to go overboard and make errors. At the same time, fathers need to understand that their children are not living in the same world or scenario where they were brought up. Times have considerably changed now and every child needs his or her degrees of freedom.

What a father actually needs to be is a right mix of friend and adviser till the age of 21. Till then the father and son bond would have become like best pals and there would be absolutely no ambiguity between them. However, the father at times has to be a villain and curtail freedom at times when things seem to go overboard.

As a child it is quite natural to disobey and be unruly for even the fathers have been through this tough time. The major mistakes kids make is hiding things from their parents. Majority problems of adolescence can be curbed if a child decides to share them with their father.

Shaping a Child’s Personality: Dad’s Main role!

Every child wants to be strong and tough; every child wants to be independent and authoritative. All these are the qualities which a child sees in the father. Recent studies have revealed children to be more influenced by their fathers when compared to mothers. In ancient India there used to be a custom wherein the wife would fill her room with the father’s pictures and portraits during pregnancy. This was because it would have a good influence on the child.

Family enjoying bike ride in the country
Family enjoying bike ride in the country | Source

As a father it is important to give children that extra push to do things, just think of the time one learnt cycling? Isn’t that a memorable day when our dads slowly taught us how to ride and one fine day we learnt how to ride, same is the case with driving as well. In short, what a father does is teach us basic life skills like determination, honour and courage to make ourselves a complete human being.

The New Age Father; Upgraded Love and Care!

Father's nowadays must battle their way out of age old traditions and superstitions. What kids want these days is someone who they can reason with. This reasoning is highly essential in order to develop a strong parental bond. However, fathers these days are as exposed to technology as their children.

New Age Father
New Age Father | Source

It is not a surprise to find fathers on Facebook or Whatsapp trying to keep a check on their kids. Most kids mind this but being a father there is always this tendency to keep a watch on little ones. Fathers can access internet and read about what kinds of places their kids like for a holiday and plan them a surprise! They can watch football games and other sports with their kids and just imagine then having a best friend at home who suits all your tastes!

This June 21 2015 marks the celebration of Father’s Day. It is quite saddening to know not many people are aware of this day. Rather than just being an add on the calendar. this day can be a day where all children can make it up to all the sacrifices our fathers’ underwent just to keep the smiles on our little lips. This day can be a complete day of rest for our fathers! So how about planning a surprise for the head of the family?


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