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Why I Don't Celebrate Christmas or Easter

Updated on December 25, 2012

I used to celebrate Christmas and any good Christian does. But my life isn't like your average Christians.

Before I was born my mother, on impulse, gave me to GOD even though she wasn't a practicing Christian at the time. She believed in GOD but knew next to nothing about Christ. She and I both nearly died while she was giving birth to me. When I was three I did die, for four minutes. That is when I met Christ. When I was a little older my older sister slammed my head into a rock. When i was around 7 yrs old, i nearly drowned twice in one day. The only thing that saved me from drowning was GOD, who caused me to breathe water. What I am trying to show you is that GOD has protected me from serious harm my whole life. HE has also been my guide and teacher since I was old enough to understand who HE was.

As I said in the beginning, I used to celebrate Christian Holidays. But GODs will has always been more important to me than my own. And a few years ago...oh, I think it was 10 or so years ago, my mom told me Christmas was not a Christian holiday but a pagan one. At the time, I didn't want to hear it, I enjoyed Christmas to much. But, I asked GOD to show me the truth. By Christmas of the next year HE had done just that. It was amazing. I saw from another source the same thing mom told me. I really expected to reject it again, when suddenly, I knew deep inside me that I was the wrong one and it was right. All desire to celebrate Christmas simply melted away out of me and I have never once wanted to since. GOD had showed me HIS truth...HE did not approve of Christmas or Easter.

How do I know it was GOD speaking to me? Because I have spent the largest part of my adult life learning to listen to and obey that voice. I was not stationary in my early adult life. I hopped about from place to place. It started when I was 18. For weeks I had been thinking of my pregnant sister in South Dakota...and a deep longing was growing in me to go see her. I was in Colorado at the time. I used an argument with my mom as the excuse I needed to take off. I hitch hiked to South Dakota, where I stayed with my sister and her brother. I was there to help her when she gave birth to my niece, her second child. While there I attended a Lutheran church. I remember one day asking the priest what it meant in the Lords Prayer when it said "Lead us not into temptation...". He said he didn't know. While I appreciate his honesty, it was my first experience of disappointment in the church. I felt if someone was going to be in a position to teach GODs Word, they should KNOW it.

Without realizing it, i had obeyed GOD in going to my sisters. Every time I would move on, it would start with a particular person being on my mind more and more, and a growing longing to be with them. Once I acknowledged the thoughts (recognized their existence and insistence) I learned I had act on them, or things would deteriorate where I was at the moment. One time I was living with a cousin and his wife and daughter. I realized I was being told to go to my mom. My cousin and his family did not want me to leave, so they offered me to live in a trailer they had, free rent, only paying lot rent and utilities. It was a sweet deal and I was sorely tempted. Just after I had made the choice to stay, my cousins wife offered the trailer to her parents. I felt betrayed. I decided to leave after all. I had no ready cash at the moment, so I went to a friend. She was elderly but fully capable of making her own decisions. I explained why I needed to go and asked her if I could borrow some money for the trip. She gave me a one hundred dollar bill and her prayers. As I was packing my car up, my cousins wife came out and tried to dissuade me. She had quite a temper. I told her it was out of my hands, I had to go because GOD was telling me to go. I showed her that our fighting was because I chose to disobey GOD. She didn't believe me and demanded to know what money I had. I showed her that GOD was blessing my leaving by giving me the hundred. She hit the roof and claimed I was abusing the old woman and taking advantage of her. She demanded I give it to her to return to the woman and told me she was calling the womans son and the cops on me. I told her do as she saw fit, I was still leaving. Once I had finished packing I got in the car and left. I went to the cafe where i worked and asked for some gas money for the trip. They called the church and someone came and paid for a tank of gas for me. I stopped at truck stops on the way whenever I was low on gas and asked truckers for gas. They never failed to give me a full tank of gas. The very last trucker who gave me a fill up, ended up pulling out of the truckstop a few minutes after I had. I saw his truck quickly catching up to me, pass me, and suddenly put on the breaks and pull over. I thought, since he helped me, I should see if he needs help and so I pulled over behind him. He was out of his truck and beside my door before I could get out. He asked me if that tank of gas would get me the rest of the way home. I told him i thought it might, as I was almost to the end of my journey. He pilled out a roll of bills and handed them to me, and told me to get something to eat for myself and my dog. His generosity brought tears to my eyes, and I prayed for GOD to bless him triple what he blessed me with. I started that trip with no money and no gas. I made the trip in less than 3 days and had 18 dollars in my pocket when I pulled up outside my mothers house. When I called my cousins wife to let her know I had arrived safely, she was amazed and admitted I must have been right, and she apologized. I told her she had nothing to apologize for. GOD allowed everything to happen just as it did to show HIS glory and to show her HIS will. Several years later she was a witness for me, when I had a similar situation. I was with my youngest sister and I was being told to go to my moms. My sister did not believe GOD had anything to do with my choice to leave, and she felt I was abandoning her by leaving. my job even offered me a raise if I would stay. But from past experience I knew what would happen so I was not even tempted to stay. I haven't felt the call to move in over ten years. I am grateful to be allowed to stay in one place now, but if I ever do fell it, I won't hesitate to answer and obey it.

I tell you all of this to help you understand how and why I know it was GOD who convinced me not to celebrate Christmas or Easter. I know HIS voice.

Back when CHRIST was born, and where, they did not celebrate the day of their birth...that was a pagan custom. That is why it is not spoken of in the bible. If we were to truly honor CHRIST, wouldn't it be by honoring what HE believed in as much as HE HIMSELF? So when someone tells me they are celebrating Christmas because for them it is celebrating the birth of CHRIST, I can't accept that as a reason to dishonor and disobey GOD. Besides the fact that CHRIST was not even born in December, HE never would have wanted HIS followers to celebrate HIS birth. As for Easter, many people mistake it as meaning HIS crucifiction, because it speaks of Easter when it speaks of that. However if you read close you will see that the pagans were celebrating Easter, (honoring their goddess Ishtar) at the same time CHRIST was crucified. The Catholic popes are the ones who decided to give CHRIST a birthday, and to combine it with the same day as the pagans celebration of the birth of their god and the celebration of the pagans worshiping of their goddess. They did it so the pagans and Christians would worship side by side...hoping to convert the pagans to Christianity. It is the same reason they changed GODs Holy Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The pagans worshiped their sun god on Sunday.

I chose long ago to honor and obey my GOD over man. And that is why I will never again celebrate Christmas or Easter.


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