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Why Reunion Dinner is Important for Chinese?

Updated on January 21, 2012

Is culture important to you?

What is culture? Are they important to you? Many of us do not think that traditions are as important as why it is called tradition anymore. Why I say so is because of the changing and modern world we live in. If you look around you would realize there are many families who are engross into the modernization and technological world we live in. At the dinner table you would see that the kids staring into their ipod, ipad and iphone, parents could be staring at their ipad and on the phone too. This is really bad as we do not treasure meals time together. Meal times are meant for each family members to eat together and chat and talk about things such as how their day has went or of any latest news the whole family should be aware of.

In every culture, tradition is different. That is why it is important to pass down your cultures to the next generation and teach them the values that has been passed down from generation to generations. There is a good reason to instill this importance as the world keeps changing at a fast past and only seems to concentrate on technology which is not utterly enough or sufficient for a complex world that needs human touch as well.

Family reunion

So, how often do you visit your family or your parents? Family reunions are important for those who work elsewhere and are far away from their families. It is also vital for those who have been married and not live together with their parents be it if you were a son or daughter. Reunion dinners are especially important for the Chinese during Chinese New Year. Families gather together for a family reunion dinner to usher in the new year with much happiness and prosperity for every single family members that you cherish.

There are no other better time to spent time with your family other than celebrations like this, birthdays or anniversaries. Before it is too late to visit your parents or elder relatives often it is best to take the opportunity to do so now and often.

Chinese Food

Over at reunion dinners with the family there is the "lao sang" that is one of the traditions of the Chinese. "Lao sang" is vital as it means to bring in more luck and prosperity towards the family for the whole year through. The higher you pull and toss the "lao sang" the better it would get for all of the family members. Then there are some families who enjoys steamboat as their family reunion dinner and some they cook couple different dishes like the Chinese "lobak" in hokkien it means the meat rolls that are fried and eaten with chili, the vegetable wraps and many many more typical Chinese dishes.

Besides, food there would be the oranges or tangerines as you might know. These are the fruits that comes from China or Taiwan. This fruit symbolizes goodness and prosperity and that is why it is being used widely by all Chinese from around the globe. Tradition goes a long way and it is vital to keep the family torch or tradition alive as long and as deep as we could possible made it through. Enjoy your lunar year with your beloved love ones and a prosperous celebration.


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    • hbng profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Malaysia

      yeah.. indeed family reunion is a major thing for the Chinese.. tks fr the comments guys!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub. Now i need to explain why reunion dinner is important, i'd just direct them to your hub.

    • pooilum profile image


      6 years ago from Malaysia

      Family time is real important. Cherish it


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