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Why Wall Calendars Make The Perfect Gifts

Updated on November 9, 2011

Wall calendars are almost fool-proof gifts, because almost everybody needs them. Both attractive and affordable, they appeal to people of all ages and interests.

2012 Fluid Dynamics Art Wall Calendars


Reasons Why Wall Calendars Work As Gifts

  • Useful each and every day.
  • Eye-catching, inspiring illustrations.
  • One of the least expensive, year-long utilities available.
  • An easy, practical, no-hassle choice, when pressed for time and money.


Wall Calendars Still Popular Even In The Computer Age

According to a ... 2010 research study ... by the organizations known as "Promotional Products Association International" and the "Calendar Advertising Council":

  • Most people still rely on a physical calendar more than they rely on a computer calendar or on a mobile phone calendar.
  • 83% of people use a physical calendar to check dates.
  • 81% of people use a physical calendar to mark appointments.
  • 78% of people use a physical calendar to keep track of special dates and holidays.
  • 67% of people refer to wall calendars, in preference to all other types of calendars.
  • 37% of people never refer to a computer calendar.
  • 79% of households have one or more physical (i.e. printed) calendars.
  • 89% of households have at least one wall calendar, with an average of two wall calendars.
  • 56% of households use wall calendars as the primary calendars, with the most preferred location being the kitchen.

Wall Calendar Survey

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    • PeanutButterWine profile image

      PeanutButterWine 6 years ago from North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

      And they have those neat picture calenders you can make personalized at wallmart or london drugs. = awesome cheap gift! Great hub :)