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Seasons: Why Winter is Really Better than Summer

Updated on October 12, 2014
Battle of the clouds
Battle of the clouds | Source

Winter v's Summer

There are many arguments as to why one season is better than another. Each season has its own benefits and faults, however some of these benefits and faults vary according to who you talk to. In this hub I want to explain why I feel Winter is the better season.

There are four accepted seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall and Winter. Now nature might not be, on occasion, too sure of when she's going to move from one to the other, and it never happens when we expect it to. Particularly this year where flowers came into bloom early, the snow lasted far longer than we expected and spring seemed to be about a week long and that was it.

There have been many possible contributing factors to this, the various volcanoes, the earthquakes that have shifted the earth's axes and, probably to some degree or other, pollution. It has however produced a winter to remember.

Summer for me is always too hot, there are all those pesky flies about and weeds in mass reproduction. I like the flowers that bloom vibrantly, the many animals that are about and I especially like thunder storms, although the ones in the UK are definitely not trying hard enough this year. Summer brings with it hay fever, the need for less clothes and more water.

The car is too hot when its sunny and driving in the summer results in half of the top half of your body getting burnt or tanned. Sunstroke if you are out in the sun for too long without shade and water and oodles of pools of sweat.

Good things about the summer? Hmm let me think. Lots of pretty flowers, unless we don't get enough rain. Lots of new animals, although this includes the vermin that we don't really like. Tanned skin, unless you are white and turn pink under the suns rays which lets face it is incredibly uncomfortable when you need to bathe, which has to be done on account of the sweat. Fruit is good and can be made into Jam and chutney. There are more family activities available.

Good things about Winter? Snow, snow men, snow angels, those gorgeous flakes of fluffy white stuff that make you feel like you are in a snow globe. Cold, any excuse to sit in front of a roaring fire snuggled up in blankets with hot chocolate and a good book, or even your significant other if you are so inclined. Good hearty meals that warm you through and fill you up. Icicles and frost that change the way we look at our world. And yes I even like wrapping up in layers, putting my heavy yard boots on and trudging through the snow pulling a sledge because I can't make it in the car to the shops.

Snow days are great for kids and adults alike, an extra surprise day of holiday where you have no choice but to stay home. Build snow men and clear the drive together, then sit in the warmth of the house with that gorgeous achy feeling running through your bones and muscles and drink hot chocolate and eat cookies.

Bad things about the winter? OK I'll mention them, frozen pipes which in most instances these days are fitted with consideration for the changing temperatures of their location. Outdoor taps and pipes can be wrapped and insulated. Icy patches, its not nice to slip on a hidden ice patch and even worse for those with brittle bones or skin which easily bruises. Icicles that are so huge they pull the guttering down, I wonder if rubbing the guttering with salt would prevent this? Or oil perhaps? Swollen doors, if you have wooden doors the wood often swells at this time of year and can cause problems with securing your property.

Ok so there are pluses and minuses for both seasons but I prefer the winter. Give me a roaring fire, blankets and a really good book any day over a sun lounger, towel and bikini. My perfect holiday would be in a log cabin in Canada or Alaska with stocked cupboards, plenty of fuel and a shelf full of books. Bring on the Winter I am ready!


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    • profile image

      Remikton 3 years ago

      fewer bush-fires and blackouts

    • profile image

      Rjrkf 5 years ago

      This book is okay

    • profile image

      Urvi Garg 5 years ago

      well written. i like winter season the most bcoz i love chilly weather.

    • profile image

      ngawa_palden 5 years ago

      i like Winter season and it made me too happy . the reason is that winter has a lots of snow and when i got the holiday and i am going to enjoy with snow

    • profile image

      Kaywan 6 years ago

      I like summer the best because we go to holidays early. I like it when we have BBQ at parties and we go to places all over England. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • Pen Tickle profile image

      Cathy Hewitt 6 years ago from UK

      I don't mind driving in winter, except we live on a hill and sometimes it can be difficult getting up it.

      The UK was a bit winter to summer this year and all the plants and animals seem a little confused at to what they are meant to be doing.

      Thanks for the comments :)

    • Carolyn2008 profile image

      Carolyn Gibson 6 years ago from Boston

      Great article. I like the winter imagery. In Boston, we are slowly going from four seasons to two - summer and winter. It's the lucky person who likes both of them.

    • profile image

      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      Great write up. My favorite part of summer is I can wash my car all the time. Winter is fun. It is scary to know that my girlfriend drives on the winter roads. It all works out though I guess that is why we have seasons!