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Why You Should Be Happy Summer Is Done

Updated on October 9, 2014

Labor Day has come and gone, time pack your bathing suits, volleyball nets & your favorite cozy because the summer is over. Are you sad? You shouldn't be, here is why this is the best time of year

You're no longer hot and not sweating a river

People think I’m weird. So what I eat ketchup sandwiches and still wear feety pajamas, but what most people point out is come winter time, I’m usually outside in t-shirt and basketball shorts. I get hot very easily so the summer is constant struggle. If I could walk around in an air-conditioned bubble that would be so cool (pun intended) but I can’t and so the struggle of being hot continues. You don’t like it, I don’t like it, dogs wear fur so you know they don’t like it. Now the summer is over and there goes being hot.

I also have to confess, I sweat, a lot. After an hour in the heat, my shirt is soaked like the fat kid that wears his shirt in the pool. I’m sure I’m not the only. Now as it cools down, dry shirts and pit stains be gone.


Yes I know the summer has Memorial Day, 4th of July, and labor day and of course they are great excuses to get a Monday of work and lay in a pool while you eat tons of hot dogs and beer, there’s no presents, where are the presents? I like presents, you like presents, I need a new iPhone, I don’t want to pay for it, so I’ll tell someone to get it for me as a present.

What other time of year do you get three straight months completely dedicated to one day? You have a day where you get to dress up as secret fantasy, get away with it, while getting candy go through you like a Willy Wonka conveyer belt. The next month it’s time to eat more: turkey, pie, stuffing, mash potatoes, gravy, cranberries (I swear it’s just not for decoration). Then to top it all off you get cheer, songs, domesticated trees, and presents shoved down your throats and who doesn't love that.

Bonus: New Year’s Eve. Do I have to explain how much fun that is? Be safe, don’t drink and drive. Say your pray. Take your vitamin

So Much Sports

I love baseball. Its America’s national pastime and we know you love America. But it’s only option in the summer and that's just is not America. In America, we don’t choose between bacon and pizza, we put bacon on our pizza and sometimes in it. Now that summer is over, the weather is colder and days are shorter, going out into mother nature isn't a choice, so we need many options to satisfy our need for athletic competition: Of course our weekends are strictly dedicated to football, but we also need a palate cleanser during the week, and that’s where basketball and hockey come into play Now sit in your favorite, root for your favorite team, and if they lose, it's the ref's fault.

You Get To Bundle Up

Over the summer LeBron James said he only ate meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and since he’s an athlete to he is allowed to be a glutton. We’re not LeBron James, wait…just checked my mirror, definitely not LeBron James, since were not LeBron, yet, over the summer we have to eat like a conservative bird that got to grocery late the night before a hurricane just so during the all summer we can look somewhat not like a beached whale without our shirts on. Now it’s time to bundle up and since no one is going to see that 6 pack turned into keg under that north face you can go to Chipotle again, I’m sure they miss you and we know you miss them more.


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