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Why celebrate Christmas without Christ?

Updated on December 20, 2012

Christmas is a feast about one person, Jesus Christ. It doesn't happen everyday but once a year and we use it to remember a time when Christ was born in a manger - a child who was destined to save the world.

Christmas has grown so popular since 2000 years ago when it first happened and it was not as popular in the days of the apostles as it was today. Due to the fact that Christianity is a dominant religion in our modern world despite the growing threat of atheism and other anti-christian religions, Christmas has remained the most popular feast till date.and it is worth celebrating it.

It is coined from the words "Christ and Mass" which means a feast in honour of Christ or Christ's celebration. It is a big feast, in fact the biggest in Christendom and we should celebrate it with a smile.

Christmas is bigger than Santa Klaus and not just about gifts or other distractions. It is not about getting drunk or over-eating. It goes beyond shopping and travelling. It is the most important part of the year when we, as humans should remind ourselves that we are here for a purpose and that there is a better life than what we have now. It is a time we rejoice that our sins are forgiven and that heaven has been re-opened once again to us because of Jesus Christ.

How do we celebrate Christmas? How should we celebrate it? One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is by being spiritual because only in that state could you connect with the true joy of Christmas. You should go to church because it is important. As a Catholic, going to Church for mass is not negotiable as it is not meant to be missed. At church there are a lot of activities such as praying, singing, sharing and reading the scriptures. Church services on Christmas are normally not rushed and I wouldn't mind spending 3 hours at church listening to the choir sing heavenly songs. You should also have time for your family and friends and you should visit people too, forgiving anybody that wronged you. Christmas is a time for reconciliation and for helping others to reconcile.

The kind of movies you also watch during Christmas matters. Do you just watch movies that don't focus on love, forgiveness and redemption? Maybe it's time to change the kind of movies you watch during Christmas by watching only meaningful ones after seeing a preview.

Christmas doesn't happen everyday but when it does happen, we should make it worthwhile by doing the right thing and focusing our love on God and our community.

I wish you a happy Christmas.


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