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Wife Gift Buying Ideas

Updated on December 24, 2010

Wife Gift Buying Ideas

Buying gifts for your wife should be a painless process. I hope I can help take some of the stress out of selecting,procuring and presenting your wife's gifts. Now notice I am saying gifts. I am saying gifts because you should always give more that one gift to your wife. If you have read any of my other articles concerning relationships you will see that I approach gift giving in sort of a unique way.

If anyone else approaches the process of gift giving in a similar fashion I have never read or heard about it. I made this all up from my own experience in life. Flowers and candy are not icing on the cake if you are only giving those two items as a gift to your wife. Ah I dont mean to get personal but I can help your love life. Give flowers and candy always with your gift that you choose especially for your wife.

To choose a special gift for her you will want to know what she likes. Pay attention ! This will save you plenty of grief in the long run. If you know what she enjoys, if you know what makes her happy you will be farther ahead than most of the regular guys out there.

So think about it. What does my wife like. In my case my wife enjoys crafts. She likes all sorts of crafts. To me my wife can be sort of easy to get gifts for for me because I normally know what type of project she is working on and I know what type of materials she needs to keep going on her projects. I know what is going on in her life ;-)

So like I said if you pay attention you will have it made!

One of my trade secrets I call it and I am sure lots of guys use it is to buy all the presents for my wife's birthday, Christmas and Valentines day all at once. What really happens here is I am so relieved that I have those gifts purchased for my wife that I always see something else that I know she would love. I think its mostly because I don't feel pressured I already have her gifts for the year.

I though my idea was a really cool idea all the way around, but be-careful divulging any of my ninja gift giving secrets. My wife knows that I buy all of her presents at once but I have heard some wife's are not so understanding if you know what I mean ;-)


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