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Wife's Christmas List

Updated on December 31, 2014

Why I Became a List-Giver

Hello. My name is Sarah and I am the wife of a man who is not great at gift-giving. I can't be the only woman out there with this problem! The man is great in lots of other areas, but when it comes to what to buy me for Christmas or my birthday, he seems to try really hard but still completely miss the target.

Unfortunately, I am a romantic and happen to be fairly good at getting gifts, so my expectations are pretty high. Even after eight years of marriage and days of mental prep beforehand, I still get disappointed - which I have to say makes me feel like a horrible person, especially on Christmas.

So, I've decided I'm finally going to break down and give my husband a list. However, giving him a straight-up list doesn't sit well with me. Isn't gift giving supposed to be romantic and inspired? Therefore, I've decided to modify something that we use at my work for Secret Santa. Hopefully it will allow him to be a little creative while staying in the realm of something I would enjoy. You may also want to consider setting a budget before giving this to your significant other. My husband saw that I wanted four gifts for Christmas and thought that I was asking too much. Oh, the joys of the dollar store.

General List

I suggest you update this list every two years or so, unless your tastes change more or less frequently than that.

Salty treats I like:
Sweet treats I like:
When I am thirsty, I like to drink:
What I love but never buy for myself:
What I can't live without:
My favorite activity/sport:
My favorite book/magazine:
Places I enjoy eating out:
Some things I love to wear:
My shirt size:
My shoe size:
My lingerie size:
Colors I like to wear:
Something I am always running out of:
Something I've been wanting/needing lately:
My favorite Christmas-y (or other holiday) things:

Christmas List

We have certain traditions in our house regarding how we open/distribute gifts etc. so you may have to modify this list for you. Also, this is geared more toward what I would think my husband should get me as his wife, so again, feel free to modify to your tastes.

Under the Tree
Gift 1: Something I want (should not be a food item)
Gift 2: Something to wear (should be family appropriate if placed under the tree)

In My Stocking
(two item minimum)
Gift 1: Something delicious
Gift 2: Something pretty

Birthday List

Again, feel free to modify!

Gift 1: Dinner out/dinner in (I should not have to make dinner) OR an activity
Gift 2: Something that was not purchased
Gift 3: Something new

Additional Helpful Details:
Gift 1: Dinner out: Business casual attire at least. Could also add a movie after dinner if so inclined. Arrange a babysitter if necessary. Activities could include a trip to a museum, visiting a local small town, a picnic in a picturesque location, a surprise party, etc.
Gift 2: Some ideas: a handwritten letter, a song you wrote, a collection of photos (make duplicates if you cut them up), quotes on our bathroom mirror, handpicked flowers, cleaning a room in the house (or my car!), etc.
Gift 3: See General list information. Should not be a food item or something too similar to something you purchased on the last gift-giving holiday.

Anniversary/Valentine's Day List

We don't do much gift-giving for these holidays, so modify this list according to what you want.

Gift 1: Something thoughtful (see gift two from birthday - but should be different from birthday)
Gift 2: Something pretty to wear (see sizes from General list)
Gift 3: Dinner out/in

Valentine's Day
Gift 1: Something delicious
Gift 2: Something pretty to wear (see sizes from General list)
Gift 3: Dinner out/in

Some sweet things I love to eat are:

What is the worst gift you've ever received from your significant other?

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    • mmetripp profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Nebraska

      Thanks. I hope this post doesn't make me sound ungrateful. I really am blessed by God with a great husband.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I wish someone could give me a guft under that tree, you sure are lucky


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