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Wii Gold: Baseball, Bowling and Tennis

Updated on May 23, 2017

Wii Bowling - Mii Perfect Game

wii bowling perfect game
wii bowling perfect game | Source

How We Got The Wii

Wii normally do not prefer to wait in long lines but this venture should be experienced once in a lifetime, especially for Nintendo games. It falls into the category of going shopping at CompUSA on the night of Thanksgiving, seeing a movie at midnight and getting to Circuit City at 5am EST on Black Friday (I have done all these things).

I remember this so clearly. One Saturday, while reading the Sunday newspaper (the paper is delivered in two parts - half on Saturday and half on Sunday), Wii noticed that a local Best Buy was going to have 30 Wii consoles in stock on sale the next day (Sunday). This was at a time when the Wii console was not an everyday household item.

Wii decided to go to the Best Buy store and wait in line for a chance to purchase a Wii console. As Wii waited in line, a Best Buy representative began handing out tickets to the first thirty people. Wii were not certain if we would receive a ticket so Wii decided to split up and shop in different places. I went to a local GameStop store and my wife waited in line at Best Buy. I walked to a nearby GameStop and discovered they already sold out of the Wii consoles but, to my delight, my wife called and said she received the 29th ticket for a Wii console at Best Buy. So Wii went into Best Buy and purchased the Wii console.

Wii immediately went home, hooked up the Wii console to our high definition (HD) 5.1 surround sound television and began playing this interactive gaming console.

Fast forward several months and now I present the games that I enjoy playing on the Wii console. Although Super Mario (from the list below) is first (since it is most recent purchase), my favorite games are the Shaun White Snowboarding games.

Wii Play and Play

Among the first wave of games for the Wii console is a game called Wii Play. This game can be played in single or double player modes but were designed for two players. The Wii Play games includes all of the following nine mini games in the initial release:

  1. Shooting Range (Mii favorite)
  2. Find Mii (the character name in Wii)
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Pose Mii
  5. Laser Hockey
  6. Fishing
  7. Billiards
  8. Charge!
  9. Tanks

Wii Play: Motion is the sequel to Wii Play and was released in 2011. All twelve mini games in this release require the MotionPlus accessory (sold separately).

We Played and Wii Played Mario

N64 Super Mario
N64 Super Mario | Source
Nintendo Super Mario
Nintendo Super Mario | Source

Super Mario Bros

I am a long time Super Mario game fan and have played the game on just about every platform it was released on. Being able to continue playing Mario, on the Wii, was an absolute thrill for me. After we entered the security credentials for our router, we downloaded two earlier versions of Super Mario Bros via the Wii store (originally played on Nintendo and N64). These long time game friends have recently re-entered my life with the Wii Mario game that I received for Christmas in 2009. Now I have all three versions of this great series to play from the same console.

With help from my kids, I was able to defeat the big boss and complete the newest version of the release, it was worth the wait in line at Best Buy.

The above Mario game photos where taken as displayed on our high definition television and are listed in Super Mario Wii (first picture) to Super Mario N64 (second picture) to Super Mario Nintendo (third picture) order.

My Games and Platforms with Mario

release year
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario 64
Nintendo 64
Super Paper Mario
Super Marion Bros.

Wii Stay Fit

Wii Fit
Wii Fit | Source

Wii Stay Fit

The things you can do with Wii Fitness include all of the following:

  1. Monitor your fitness activity
  2. Perform a daily body test
  3. Improve your balance
  4. Train in Yoga, strength, balance and aerobics

I am not exactly a limber person at all but I decided to try the Wii fit (with the board of course) and did real well in the balance games. I tried the yoga piece (for breathing and stretching) and enjoyed this as well. It worked out even better when I changed my routine and put the yoga at the end of the workout. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to see my half moon yoga pose :)

Wii Fit: Plus is the sequel to Wii Fit and was released in 2009. All mini games in this release are great family fun and include some games from the original Wii Fit. My favorite game here is Snowball Fight.

We Played and Wii Played 91 Pin Knockdown

my 91 pin knockdown
my 91 pin knockdown | Source

We Played and Wii Played A Perfect Game in Bowling

mii perfect game
mii perfect game | Source

We Played and Wii Played for Gold in Baseball, Bowling, Tennis

mii gold medal in baseball
mii gold medal in baseball | Source
mii gold medal in bowling
mii gold medal in bowling | Source
mii gold medal in tennis
mii gold medal in tennis | Source

Wii Sports - Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis

The first Wii games we played were the sports games that came with the console (includes all of the following five mini games):

  1. Boxing
  2. Bowling (Mii favorite)
  3. Golf
  4. Tennis
  5. Baseball

I still enjoy the baseball (home run hitting) and bowling games (91 pin knock down) the most. I eventually got a perfect score of 300 in the bowling game (pictured above) and found a YouTube tip on knocking down all 91 pins (pictured above). Here is a hint to get the 91 pins in one shot - use the rails and throw the ball so it stays on the rails until it disappears. I recently began playing tennis and enjoy the volley aspect of the game. The real fun in these games is trying to get all the gold medals for baseball, bowling and tennis.

Wii Snowboard with Shaun White

The Shaun White Snowboard games have got to be the most fun I have had with video games. I played the Shaun White Snowboarding and the sequel Shaun White: World Stage games to near completion. If you like the snow and always wanted to try snowboarding these games are for you. The only real problem I had was I wanted to finish the games in one long session but I had to deal with life events (paying bills and working) so I split up the games into several hundred sessions. There is a great bonus with the initial release of the Shaun White Snowboarding game and that is the soundtrack is spectacular. I even purchased the songs from Rhapsody and play them when I do the stationary bike or treadmill.

Shaun White Snowboard song Alive and Amplified

Game Over

While we do not expect any ground breaking health results from this console and the games we play, but it has become a regular part of our activity cycle (especially in the Fall and Winter when you cannot get outdoors). One of the things I enjoy the most of Wii games is that there is little violence and any can play at any time - they are simply fun. We do not anticipate stopping anytime soon so if you cannot find time to get to the gym, go out and get one of these games - NOW!

Great Games to Play on PC

release date
*Leisure Larry - Land of the Lounge Lizards
Leisure Larry - Magna Cum Laude
Vampire Bloodlines
the 25th anniversary remake of this game is scheduled for June 2013

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