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Should Halloween Trick or Treating be Banned

Updated on October 29, 2009

Will trick or treating be banned? 

A small town in Pennsylvania has banned trick or treating this year. Dunkard County has received quite a lot of attention this year for their town-wide ban on the age-old tradition of trick or treating. The town is opting instead for a 4-hour party to be held in the firehouse. 

As a parent, I must admit that I commend their intentions however not their methods.  Now do not get me wrong, I am not one of those alarmist parents who believe the wide spread urban myth about tainted candy. Nor do I belong to a fundamentalist church that spouts hate mongering nonsense about Halloween being “Satan’s Holiday”. No my children spent many a happy Halloween scampering through the neighborhoods of our small town

No my reasons are a little more practical. 

You see I live in the Midwest. South Dakota to be exact, where winter comes early and hard. Many of the trick or treating excursions that I have undertaken in the past 26 years of parenting involve not only cute little costumes and pumpkin shaped buckets with a mandatory flashlight thrown in for safety. It also involves heavy coats, mittens, scarves and occasionally snow boots. Which unless you did some major planning and had a willing little goblin , pretty much defeats the purpose of the cute little costume. Oh there have been years that I have talked the kids into more practical costume choices of scarecrows and hobos,  costume’s that can be adapted and even incorporated over a bulky coat. But I’ll tell you, there is just no way to pull off a fairy princess with a down filled jacket and over boots. 

I have fond memories of little goblins and witches running door to door, bags gripped tightly in their hands and mask muffled yells of “trick or treat”. I have even had the best house on the block award sewed up tightly in the bag with homemade tombstones, ghosts and spooky music, years before you could buy it all on QVC. I also remember years though that children braved all out blizzards and the year there was an accident in front of my house because a full blown storm had turned the roads into a sheet of treacherous ice more adapted to skates than cars full of kids. 

So as much as I hate to admit it and will miss the days, when October 31 heralded packs of pint-sized little candy mongers. I must pipe in with support for what the supervisors of Dunkard Township are suggesting. 

In no way though do I believe that the citywide ban should be a mandatory dictate, but an alternative if you so choose to take advantage of it. I do not believe that bans of this type should become a legal matter. It is one of my fears when town’s take it upon themselves to do something as overboard as to ban trick or treating that we will  see a day when  little ole grandma’s will be ticketed and fined for daring to hand out sweets  on Halloween.  

Do you think Trick or Treating should be banned?

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    • profile image

      victoria fartcicle 2 years ago

      it is so funny to see little kid in there cute little outfits

    • profile image

      lily600 6 years ago

      I love halloween the kids just look sooooo cute! It should mot be banned.

    • profile image

      Angelina F. 6 years ago

      Halloween is actually quite fun to me. This is why halloween SHOULDN'T BE ABOLISHED!!!!!!!

      Halloween is something creative and a great experience to do. It is not " JUNK"

      I am Angelina F. and I aprove this message

    • profile image

      Cameron H. 7 years ago

      One of the most sound arguments I've read for the past few weeks of researching.

      I'm in college writing a persuasive essay, and this is the only counter-argument I've found that is not nonsense. I applaud you for one, and agree with you for another.

    • profile image

      nickey47 7 years ago

      we teach our children not to talk to stangers or accept candy from them then one day everybody makes aceptions

    • profile image

      matthew 7 years ago

      halloween is junk it should be banned look at the children THEY ARE WEARING JUNK EVEN NAUGHTYNESS!