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Willow Tree Nativity: A Fantastic Way to Ring in the Holiday

Updated on November 8, 2010

Every year people scour the stores for new ideas for gift-giving and to decorate their homes for Christmas. For more than 40 years, designer Susan Lordi has created timeless and classic figurines that work perfectly as holiday gifts and unique pieces to decorate one's own home. These figurines are not only beautiful and stylish, but they won't empty the bank account. They are always a popular addition to the holiday season, and now is a great time to get a collection started.

Suits Any Decor

Anyone who is looking to add elegance and style to their home this Christmas would be pleased with the selection offered in Willow Tree figurines. These pieces representing the joy and spirit of Christmas offer a timeless keepsake that works well with any decor. The faceless figures are easily recognizable as the familiar personalities from the nativity scene we've come to know. A nine inch Joseph figurine stands over Mary and the baby Jesus and crèche. These figures take on a poetic quality precisely because they lack specific facial detail. Revered as folk art, the Willow Tree nativity is an elegant centerpiece and evocative reminder of the emotions of the season.


Perhaps the best aspect of choosing a Willow Tree set for the holidays is the price. Despite their beauty, these figures are affordable. The average Willow Tree nativity set runs about $300 or less. Individual pieces usually cost under $20. For this reason, these collectibles are great selection for gift-giving. A nativity scene might be the perfect present for a new married couple or a family just moving into a new house.

What's Included

It is easy to start small when collecting Willow Tree figurines. For example, the basic nativity set consists of six pieces which include the holy family and three barnyard animals. It might be fun to add to the collection every year. Other stable animals are available, as are the three wise men and a beautiful starry background. There are also ornaments available that match the nativity figures. Susan Lordi has designed a delightful assortment that can be mixed and matched to suit one's taste and budget.

Timeless and Classic

Many people complain that the holiday season has become too commercial, too gaudy. Some people would prefer gifts and decorations that last for generations, that never go out of style, and that retain both their sentimental and the dollar value. A Willow Tree nativity set fits that description well. For over four decades, these figures have been bringing smiles to the people who encounter them. While Willow Tree offers figurines for almost every memorable moment in our lives, the nativity is certainly a set that endures.

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