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Willy Wonka Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Supplies

Updated on September 14, 2015

How to Plan A Willy Wonka Themed Party

Every kid that’s ever seen either of the two Willy Wonka movies, or read the famous book by Roald Dahl, has wanted to visit the amazing chocolate factory of the books – so why not throw a party with a fantastic Willy Wonka theme?

The story of Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, Verruca Salt, Willy Wonka and many other famous characters is one which children and adults everywhere simply adore. When Charlie, a young boy from a humble background, finds a magical Golden Ticket that allows him and his grandfather to go on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the Wonka chocolate factory, he has no idea what awaits him! He learns some valuable lessons from the other children and parents on the tour, and eventually finds a friend for life in Willy Wonka himself. Who doesn’t love a touching story like that?

If you’ve ever thought of becoming your own version of Willy Wonka and throwing open the doors of your improvised chocolate factory to your little ones and their friends for a special celebration, here’s how you can do it.


Willy Wonka Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

There’s only one way you could invite friends, family and other loved ones to your Willy Wonka-themed party – with a Golden Ticket of course!

Luckily, there are a multitude of options for you to browse online to pick the best option for your party. These high-quality magnetic Golden Ticket invitations come in packs of thirty and are endlessly stylish. The magnetic element also means guests are likely to hang onto them as a nice keepsake from the party!

These invitations are similar – you can order in various different amounts (1, 5, 25, 50 and even 100) so you’ll never be worried about running out, and you can personalize the invitations so when they arrive on your doorstep, all you need to do is distribute them accordingly.

If you want to get crafty, you can make your own Golden Tickets! This tutorial teaches you how, and even tells you how to make your own Wonka wrapper for a bar of chocolate, for extra authenticity.

Willy Wonka Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

This is where you can really go wild as a Willy Wonka party planner! The decorations are expected to be as breathtaking as that moment where Charlie first enters the famous room filled with edible flowers, trees and even a chocolate river. Here’s a few of our tips on how to make your décor show-stopping!

  • Check out this hilarious version of Verruca Salt! This would make a fantastic decoration for any Willy Wonka-themed party – Verruca’s story is also a cautionary one, so you can use her to remind kids not to overdose on too much candy!
  • Why not hire this awesome ‘Factory’ gate prop to welcome guests into your party venue? Whether it’s your home or another external venue, this prop is sure to make your visitors feel like they’re really walking into the famous chocolate factory itself.
  • Giant lollipop decorations are a must for this party theme – here’s a tutorial so you can make them at home! Just be sure to remind little ones they’re not edible – they certainly look good enough to eat!
  • One famous scene in the older version of the film focuses on flavored wallpaper – yum! Stick little plastic fruit shapes to the wall to recreate this special scene.
  • If you have any burlap bags lying around (or have easy access to them), they make a great party prop. Label them with ‘SUGAR’ and lay them around the area to make your guests feel like they’re behind-the-scenes at the Wonka factory.
  • These fabulously easy sweet decorations take just five minutes to put together. Blow up a balloon, wrap some tissue paper around it and tie at both ends for a makeshift sweet decoration that can even be used in the party games later in the day!

Willy Wonka Party Ideas and Tips


Willy Wonka Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

As if the décor wasn’t challenging enough, now you have to think about the cake! If you want your cake to look as though it was freshly baked by the Oompa Loompas of the famous chocolate factory, you’d better get started, there’s lots of work to do…

  • This charming effort is fairly simple, but no less effective. A beautiful, chocolate top hat with a sparkling ‘W’ shows everyone exactly what the theme is – and it’s sure to taste delicious with all that chocolate!
  • This single-tiered creation is also quite simple – definitely a design that could be replicated by a local cake decorator or bakery. The lovely decorations certainly make this cake special!
  • If you’re looking for something seriously show-stopping, call off the search! We’ve found the Wonka cake of the century right here. With four stunning tiers, each with a different theme, and beautifully detailed decorations (there are even macarons on there), this cake is sure to impress even the most discerning of Golden Ticket holders.

Willy Wonka Party Food and Drink Ideas

The food and drink must also be dazzling - anything churned out by a Wonka factory has to be no less than spectacular!

These adorable edible cups are perfect for a Wonka party. They look wonderful, and they fit in with the idea that you can eat absolutely everything! They’re also no-bake, so if you have a tight schedule, you can still fit them in! Check out the instructions linked above.

This page is packed with amazing ideas for food and drink at your event. From sparkling cupcakes to multicolored popcorn and dipped marshmallows, these ideas are a candy lover’s dream!

Of course, no Wonka party would be complete without some Fizzy Lifting Drinks! Who could forget the famous scene where Charlie and his grandpa consume some of this mysterious liquid and find themselves floating towards the ceiling! If you can’t get hold of some real Fizzy Lifting Drinks (we hear they’re hard to come by!) simply stick some labels on some regular soft drinks bottles for a similar effect.

You can also get your hands on some genuine Wonka candy for the occasion! Browse gobstoppers, chocolate and a multitude of other sweet treats right here.


Willy Wonka Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

These fun plastic sunglasses are really easy to come by, and you can pretend they’re Wonka-Vision goggles just like the ones the gang wear in the TV room.

A Wonka goody bag is also a great choice – you can load them with sweet treats, as well as lots of other trinkets and fun toys that kids are sure to love. These cute candy cane-striped options are the perfect choice!

The golden geese that lay golden eggs were a key feature of the first Willy Wonka film – who could forget the loathsome Verruca Salt waltzing around the room declaring that she wanted to wrap the whole world up in her pocket? These golden eggs make a great party favor for a Wonka party – let’s just hope you don’t get one guests that wants them all!

Willy Wonka Birthday Party Games and Activities

As resident Wonka, you’ll need to entertain your guests! Here are our top suggestions for fun party games you can play at your Wonka-themed party:

  • Guess The Candy in the Jar – This one’s fairly self-explanatory. Fill a jar with candy (try to keep count as you’re loading the jar!) and then ask your guests to guess how many pieces are within. The closest guess wins a prize!
  • Candy Necklaces – Set up a candy necklace making station for your guests. They’ll be able to take their edible jewelry home with them too!
  • Augustus Gloop Donut-Eating – Tie string around five donuts and hang them from a railing. Ask five of your guests to eat the donuts without using their hands! Whoever finishes first is the winner.
  • Pass the Wonka Bar – In a fun twist on the classic ‘Pass the Parcel’ game, wrap up a bar of chocolate numerous times with different types of paper. The parcel is passed around a circle of guests to music – when the music stops, whoever has the parcel gets to unwrap the top layer. Whoever reveals the chocolate bar after peeling off the last layer gets to eat the lot – yummy!
  • Charlie Bucket Burping Contest – In the famous scene where Charlie and his grandpa find themselves floating up towards a ceiling fan after their Fizzy Lifting Drinks, they discovered that burping would reverse the effects of the magical elixir. If you’re happy to let your kids forget about their manners for a few minutes, have them sip some sparkling water and let rip with their loudest Charlie Bucket-style burp!

We hope we’ve filled you with the inspiration you need to host your very own Willy Wonka-themed party in the future! If you think that we’ve missed anything, or if you’ve hosted a party like this of your own and want to share your own plans with us, get in touch using the comments box below!

Let us know your thoughts!

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    • Ilonagarden profile image

      Ilona E 

      3 years ago from Ohio

      This is a cute birthday idea that would work well for a little boys party.


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