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Wisconsin Haunted Places, Paranormal activity and Creepy Creatures

Updated on February 21, 2011

Its full of spooks...

Wisconsin has over 410 documented haunted locations located all over the state. This gives Wisconsin a high rate of tourists looking for a ghostly thrill.

From brothels, to werewolves, to your typical scary ghosts, even things that go bump in the night like the Hodag in Rhinelander, WI... this state seems to be chock full of every paranormal oddity your imagination can think of.

If you decide to venture out to Wisconsin looking for paranormal thrills, here are some of the best places to stop:

1. The Baraboo Inn- at one time a brothel, this inn witnessed the deaths of 3 prostitutes, and two owners.

2. Highway 12 Baraboo, WI- Many people report seeing a male hitch hiker wearing a green jacket while traveling this road.

3. Northland College Ashland, WI- a teenage girl lept down an elevator shaft to her death somewhere between the 1920's-30s.

4. McNeel Middle School Beloit, WI- Reports of the o of an old man, and even violent acts occurring. A teacher was injured after waking up with an electrical plug in the back of her head.

5. Bray Road- The beast of bray road is stil reported today. The beast is said to look like a bear, only stand taller. Although no one has witnessed it transform into a human, some people say it could be a were wolf. Others say its simply a large bear.

If these five aren't enough to satisfy your spooky appetite, you can always check out the other 405 documented places in Wisconsin by visiting the Wisconsin Haunted Locations Data Base.


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    • profile image

      doggirl 5 years ago

      I live here and its not so bad once you get used too it...I love the show Ghost Hunters and Hounted Highway...Haven't heard of any of them coming too Wisconsin.

    • profile image

      mayra 6 years ago

      im moving to wisconsin but im just thinking of all the great places im going to see im not really thinking of the ghosts

    • toastiebear profile image

      toastiebear 7 years ago

      I live here...its definitely spooky.

    • s.carver profile image

      s.carver 7 years ago from San Francisco

      I had no idea Wisconsin was such a spooky state!