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Women Birthday Gift Ideas, Birthday Gifts for Her, Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Updated on March 24, 2011
Women Birthday Gift Ideas, Birthday Gifts for Her, Birthday Gift Ideas for Women
Women Birthday Gift Ideas, Birthday Gifts for Her, Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

How to choose the best birthday gifts for her

Buying birthday gift to a woman can sometimes be hard, especially if a person who is buying is a man. Girl friends, mothers and daughters don’t have so many problems with this enjoying task, but they can sometimes lack the ideas.

Here is a list of some very interesting and actually simple and usual gifts that will make any woman happy and content.

Birthday gift ideas for women – gifts any woman will like

Personal care gifts

  • Natural, fine, organic cosmetics are great gifts. There are a lot of stores which sell natural cosmetics and they can make a very nice birthday set. Or, you can buy a few things, such as body lotion, hand cream, facial mask or body oil, wrap everything together and surprise the person you are giving the present to.
  • Massages, treatments in wellness centres or manicure are nice gifts. Those gifts will make the woman find some time for herself and will do something nice and healthy for her body.
  • Home manicure set is a gift for a woman who takes care of her nails and have time to do it regularly at home. There are some very nice manicure sets and besides basic parts, they also include a nail polish, cuticle cream and hand and nail lotion.
  • Cosmetic bag is something every woman needs. Whenever she travels somewhere, she can use this bag. This is not some small bag for makeup or just a few things. This can be a bigger bag, in which she can put all her personal care products, medications, small hair drier and so on.


  • Hand bag is something you will have to choose carefully if you decide to buy this gift. I recommend this only to partners, because they know exactly her taste and can even guess what she might like. If you know for sure that she saw something she likes, don’t hesitate to buy it. She will love it!
  • Scarf and hat has become important part of female outfit. There are very popular accessorize stores which keep modern scarves, caps and hats and you won’t make a mistake if you choose soothing from there.
  • Wallet, especially if it is designer one is great gift. Pay attention that it matches her hand bag.
  • Key case/etui can also be a nice gift. If you want to buy something small and add a box of chocolates to it, key etui is a good choice. Again, buy designer one, it will look nicer. It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, there are all kinds of designers, but don’t buy no name products or fake ones.

Romantic gifts

  • Flowers are classic gifts. Red or white roses, tulips, daisies or sunflowers, whatever you choose you will make her feel emotional.
  • Jewelry is highly appreciated gift. No matter who gives it, it is always welcomed and never boring. Just be careful what kind of jewelry she likes – white or yellow gold, silver or something else.
  • Perfume is another gift any woman will be happy with. New perfumes are maybe the best choice if she likes to try new things. If she sticks to always the same, buy a classic or something she already has.
  • Lingerie is something only a partner can give as a present. Buy this one if you know her very well and you are sure she won’t misinterpret it.
  • Romantic dinner is a choice when everything else seams to fail. Maybe an ordinary gift at first glance, but this gift can be very nice for couples who just won’t to spend some time together and enjoy.

Women Birthday Gift Ideas – gifts for working women

If a woman is occupied with her job or is building her career, she probably doesn’t have time to do a lot of small stuff some women do. So choosing a gift that is related to her work will please her.

  • Mobile phone is the best gift for working woman. It is best to talk to her and see what she likes. It is not a good idea to buy something you like without consulting her, because it will be waste of money.
  • Notebook sleeve, especially if it is cool, with interesting motives or from a designer, could be the best gift for working woman. She probably carries her notebook everywhere she goes and this way it will be practical, stylish and nice.
  • Leather briefcase is a very nice gift; maybe a little expensive, but working woman deserves nothing less. Be sure to know her style, the same as with hand bag. The color, material and fabric have to go along with the rest of her wardrobe and style.

Birthday gift ideas for women – for those who spend time at home

Free time gifts

  • A good book, classic or bestseller is something almost any woman will find useful. Having a new book will allow her to take some time off and enjoy it.
  • Magazine subscription is another gift you will do the right thing with. There is no woman who doesn’t like to take a look at latest fashion, makeup or interesting stories. You probably know which magazines she usually buys. Pay the subscription and let her enjoy for the whole year.
  • CD with some nice music is a great gift for woman who owns a car or spends most of her time at home and has time to listen to it.
  • Theatre tickets for two is nice gift no matter if you buy it for two of you or for her and her friend, sister or sister in law.

Home gifts

  • Tea set for two, if there are only two of you, is a gift which will make your private moments cozy and will give you some time to enjoy the tea and nice conversation. Include a quality tea as well.
  • Tablecloth (table cover) is something every woman needs. This has to be very nice tablecloth, the one she will use for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other occasions when there a lot of people coming to her home.
  • Photo frame is a small gift, but can mean much to her if she puts photos that she likes very much, for example her partner, children, pet or best friends, in it. Choose the nice frame, not too ordinary, it should take a special place in her home.
  • Reproduction or wall picture is much appreciated gift by women. If you know she pays attention to those things, likes them and has lots of pictures at home, it will be the best gift for her. If she went to an exhibition or like particular artist, try to buy that picture, it will have not only artistic, but also sentimental value.

Birthday gift ideas for her – general gifts

If you are not very good in buying personalized gifts, don’t have time or just don’t know the person so well, you can choose general gifts and won’t make a mistake with them.

  • Gift basket is a gift that is intended to any woman. There is no woman who doesn’t like chocolate, coffee or some kind of cosmetics. Buy one of those gift baskets, everything is already matched inside. You can also include a personalized card, so try to write something nice.
  • Gift card is useful, but very nice gifts. Well known stores with clothes, cosmetics and food offer gift cards. Just decide how much money you want to put on the card, write a note and let the woman buy whatever she wants.

So, here you can find a lot of women birthday gift ideas, you just need to choose the best birthday gifts for her.


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