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Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Updated on August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

Memorial Park in Royal Oak, MI
Memorial Park in Royal Oak, MI

Woodward Dream Cruise

A few photos from the 2012 Woodward Dream cruise: an annual classic car event that takes place along a six mile stretch of Woodward avenue in metro Detroit. This event is free and family-friendly and has more to see and do than you could possibly cover in a day. It is estimated to draw over 30,000 classic cars and a million people and every square inch of space is packed with cars, people, and events, ranging from concerts to vendors. This isn't just a classic car event. There were plenty of new cars there as well, and many auto companies and auto product companies had displays set up showcasing new products. If you like cars or people, you will have a good time at this event.

There were old cars...

...and new cars...

...and really old cars.

Blue cars...

...and green cars...

...and yellow cars.

Big engines...

...and little engines (just kidding). No little engines allowed.


...and not smiles.


race cars,

Pink Cadillacs,

A Ford Thunderbird actually, but close.
A Ford Thunderbird actually, but close.

Scooby Doo vans,

And oddities: A Mad Max vehicle,

bike gangs,

furry beasts,

and Batman vehicles.

There actually was a whole line of movie vehicles that I wish I had gotten a better look at. There also was a guy riding around on a bike wearing an outstanding batman outfit. I couldn't get a picture of him though, he was too fast.

This was one of my favorites:

And finally this one. Matching outfits and nail polish. A classy couple in a Classic car. Pure sweetness.


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