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World Oceans Day

Updated on June 7, 2014

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day takes place on the 8th June every year. It is a day of reflection and a day for doing. Most of our planet is made up of the Oceans. We have barely explored its depths and what it has to offer us.

And yet we are using it as dumping ground or refuse and toxic waste. We are killing the seas and as sure as night is day when we succeed that all human life will go too.

The Oceans do not belong to us they belong to the planet and to all the creatures which inhabit it. We need each other and we all need the seas.

How Can You Help

What can you you do to help the Oceans? As individuals there is very little we can do but together we can make a huge difference. If everyone made just that small change in their lifestyle and kept at it we can make a difference.

Take a look at the World Oceans Day website for ideas of how you can help.


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