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Wrapping With Paper- a poem

Updated on November 17, 2011
The gift wrapper is an Artist!
The gift wrapper is an Artist! | Source
Choosing the right paper is important to style.
Choosing the right paper is important to style. | Source
It takes patience to measure and cut and tape.
It takes patience to measure and cut and tape. | Source

Being given the task
Of wrapping gifts
With paper,
Fitting in the right
Boxes is such
A big caper.
The style of the paper
Is the beauty of such
A task that seems
To be loved so much!

A task in itself
To know
Where each gift
Is going,
Will they be
Delivered on time
Even if it is snowing?

Christmas is an event
That can create
Such a mess
All that handiwork of
Wrapping on the floor
With the clean up-

Big ones,
Small ones,
Pretty ones
Under the tree.
I wonder who will
Wrap the next gift
For me?

And the dressing of
Boxes creates
A gift giving mystery,
Some may even
The suspense
Of unwrapping
A misery.

But I've known
People who
Recycle the
Most beautiful
paper of all
And they'll
Be using it to
Wrap more
Christmas gifts
Next Fall.

Thoughts about Gift Wrapping

One of my favorite parts of preparing for Christmas is wrapping the gifts. I will spend much planning in this task. Picking out the paper, the ribbon, and choosing how much to actually buy after I have carefully planned on how many gifts I have to purchase, and putting in the time as well makes it into a creative project. When time is spent well with the task of wrapping gifts, it turns the collection of beautiful boxes into a showcase.

Keeping the gift giving in order if you have a lot can be simply done by color coding, or wrapping groups of presents in similar fashion, such as a different wrapping paper or color for each family member. Then writing a list of who is to receive what; in that way, no one will receive the wrong gift.

The most fun of the Christmas party is being able to gather all the torn off wrapping paper to discard without losing the gifts, especially small parts of gifts that may fall out of boxes. The best way to prevent gift loss after unwrapping is to gather the smaller pieces together in a sub-package, such as a plastic pack or bag inside the bigger one, or perhaps wrapping it up separately in its own box or package.

Enjoy the joy of gift giving this holiday. But always remember, the best holiday gift is what can not be wrapped up- That Gift is LOVE!


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    • profile image

      prosperous 5 years ago

      the picture u display make me think of christmas time, very pretty

      keep going cm castro