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Writing Book Inscriptions: A Thoughtful Gift for Any Occasion

Updated on January 22, 2014
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Bernadyn is a writer, blogger, and social media influencer. She's written for various publications while writing for her own blog.

A Gift That Can Grow with the Kids

A book with a note I'll be giving to my daughter next week for her birthday.
A book with a note I'll be giving to my daughter next week for her birthday. | Source

Write Personal Messages for Sentimental Value

Dearest Lyla Brielle,

Happy 2nd birthday! Time flies by and now you are a smarter, more independent child who acts like you are older than your years. You enjoy books and so I wanted to give you one of my favorite stories, the story of Alice. In so many ways, you remind me of her character. She is a storybook heroine I admired since I was a little girl. Her adventures never bore me and I hope you will find them fun to read about, too. Let your imagination wander with this book and may you one day be able to catch up with your "White Rabbit" as you take the world into your hands and go down the rabbit hole.

Remember, anything is possible. I'll be waiting for you in Wonderland.

Love forever





Book Inscription

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Second page of book inscription for my daughter
Second page of book inscription for my daughter
Second page of book inscription for my daughter | Source

Easy But Valuable Gift Idea

Inscribing personal messages on a gift offers a special way to truly make a gift more personal and enjoyable. If you are ever stumped for what to give someone as a gift, consider giving a book and writing a personal message inside.

There is a book out there for everyone, no matter what age, personality or even if the recipient is not a fan of books. It does not always have to be a book with just words or a novel. It can be a cook book for someone who likes to cook or for some one who can not cook! Write a humorous message to them that these are the recipes they can try to learn! That could be a fun gift for a college student living on their own or for newlyweds.

Think about the recipient's hobbies and interests. Give a sketch book to an artist who likes to doodle or draw. Give a baby book with a message for the parents and baby. You can find a traveling book for someone who plans to travel. A scrapbook would be perfect to hold their photos, too. A scrapbook or photo album would also be a nice idea for newlyweds to use for their honeymoon pictures.

Ideas on Type of Book to Give for Different Occasions

Type of Book
Book Recommendations
Love story, love poems, collection of love letters, cookbooks
"What I Love About You" by David Marshall or "Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions" by David Marshall
Biography of someone successful or someone they admire, journal to document/record their next chapter in life, cookbooks
"Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss
Newborn Baby/Baby Shower/Expecting Parents
Picture books, potty-training books, nursery rhymes, parenting books, pregnancy books
"Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!" by Dr. Seuss
Inspirational books and poems, Bible
A Baby's First Bible book, book of children's bible verses (if recipient is a child)
End of the School Year - Teacher Gift
Book that relates to their class they teach or student's favorite book from the class with a message inside thanking teacher
Anything relevant to teacher's class
Christmas story books, History of holidays or specific holiday, picture story books about holidays for kids
"The Nativity" by Julie Vivas
Journals, keepsake books or book that relates to recipient's personality and intersts
"My Book About Me" by Dr.Seuss or "Your Birthday Book: A Keepsake Journal" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Scrapbook/photo album with pictures of company events and co-workers, retirement books
"The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed and Overworked-21st Century Edition" by Ernie J. Zelinski
Leaving for a trip/Traveling
Traveling books, journal, photo album, scrapbook
"Old World Journal" Notebook/Diary by Mara Conlon

Book Inscriptions Can Be Special For Significant Others

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I typed out and attached this note in a book of poems I gave my husband several years ago.
I typed out and attached this note in a book of poems I gave my husband several years ago.
I typed out and attached this note in a book of poems I gave my husband several years ago. | Source

Secrets Behind Book Inscriptions

Have you ever bought a used book and found an inscription on the inside cover or a note somewhere else in the book? The message could have been heartfelt, funny or maybe awkward or too intimate. Maybe at one point it was a gift to someone and you found the book more enjoyable or interesting to read because there was already a story that grabbed your attention or tickled your curiosity.

There is no denying that book inscriptions can do that. They deliver more sentimental value for the reader or if it is a strange or funny message, it may make you wonder what the inside joke meant between these two people, where they are now and the reason this book is no longer in the recipient's possession.

The beauty of book inscriptions is that they hold secrets and mysteries, some that you may never understand or unlock but it can still be appreciated. After all, it meant something to someone out there.

Books as Family Heirlooms

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This is another book I'm giving to my daughter as a gift.  I have had it for 19 years now and am passing it down to her in hopes she will pass it along within our family.
This is another book I'm giving to my daughter as a gift.  I have had it for 19 years now and am passing it down to her in hopes she will pass it along within our family.
This is another book I'm giving to my daughter as a gift. I have had it for 19 years now and am passing it down to her in hopes she will pass it along within our family. | Source

Unique Book Inscriptions

Have you come across a book inscription that stuck with you and you wish you knew the whole story?

See results

Book Inscriptions as Family Heirlooms and a Gift to the World

Since books with book inscriptions can be so meaningful, they can also become valuable family heirlooms to pass down from one generation to the next. As my daughter's birthday draws ever so closer, I feel the need to give her gifts that she can enjoy throughout her life, as a child or an adult. Maybe one day, she can share them with her own kids and grandchildren.

You may also want to consider giving books as gifts with a note inside to close friends and family as part of your will. It will be a simple but thoughtful gesture to them that shows that they were each close to your heart.

Remember, book inscriptions can be warm or funny; it is your thoughts and well wishes that you can pass along and share as long as that book is being passed around, too. Opening up a book with a personal message written within helps make the reader feel a connection with the one who wrote the message, no matter how long ago it was written.

Who knows? Maybe that book will end up 100 years from now in a used book store across the world in which your words may have the power to inspire the next reader, albeit a stranger, to find more joy in reading that book.

©BNadyn 2013

Writing Book Inscriptions

Have you ever wrote a book inscription to someone?

See results


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  • BNadyn profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

    Kidscrafts, yes if you're looking for the money value from first editions or otherwise, then certainly don't write in the book. I'm referring to books as gifts and so your hope is they wouldn't try to sell it or anything for the money value. I've received books with inscriptions and so have my kids and we appreciate them

    It's something worth more than money, like you said. I hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)

  • kidscrafts profile image


    5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

    If you see the "money value" of the book as the first edition, etc. , yes it can be a problem... on the other hand, when kids read the book so many times, I think the book looses it's value. But a special message in the book can give a special sentimental value for a long time and no "money value" can compete with that :-)

    Have a great weekend!


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