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4 Valentine's Day Activities You Can Do With a Baby

Updated on January 22, 2015

My husband and I love to keep busy. We travel often, book our weekend activities far in advance and like to go out for a good meal. Once we got pregnant everyone told us our lives were over... "enjoy it not while you still can" we heard more than once.

Now that our baby is almost 10 months old we have found that some of it is true, it is harder to be spontaneous and getting ready takes us much longer than it used to, however it is possible to still have fun with the right amount of preparation and forethought.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner we wanted to come up with something fun to do. I looked around at some articles and read some blog posts but the suggestion that came up time and again is to find a babysitter and go out without the baby. While I certainly don't mind a night to ourselves every once in a while, we'd like to involve our daughter in our holiday celebration.

After much digging and research we have found a few good ideas of things to do on Valentine's Day with our daughter. Here is a list of ideas for anyone who is in the same boat and would like to go out and have a good time with their babies.

1. Go on a mini holiday

Getting away for even one night can make Valentine's Day feel like a mini vacation. If Valentine's Day is during the week choose a hotel that is located between your job and your spouses job; if it's on a weekend then venture out a few towns away. Bonus if the hotel has a pool that is open late and a free breakfast in the morning.

Make early dinner reservations at a restaurant (nothing too fancy since your baby is coming with you). 5:00 is a reasonable time because it's not too early for dinner, but it's early enough for you to miss the couples who do not want to be around a baby on Valentine's Day. Get dessert to go (so your baby does not get fussy) and go back to the hotel and put the dessert in the fridge.

Go for a swim with your baby. Your baby will love the change of scenery and being in a pool with your significant other and stealing kisses can be a lot of fun. After the swim your baby will be tired so go back to the room and put him or her to bed.

While your baby sleeps get the dessert out of the fridge, pop a bottle of champagne and relax!

2. Take out and a movie rental

Have a relaxing night at home. Get some yummy take out from your favorite restaurant (make sure to call your order in way in advance to make sure you can pick it up exactly when you want) and crack open a bottle of wine. See if there is anything on the kids menu that you baby is able to eat; if not prepare something fun for him or her in advance like baby food chicken and rice or macaroni and cheese.

Rent some movies from Amazon or Red Box and snuggle up with your family on the couch with some home popped popcorn and settle in for a quiet night.

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3. Throw a party!

Invite friends and family over for a potluck Valentine's Day party. Kids of course are welcome! The kids and babies can play while the adults chat and drink red and pink colored cocktails. Food can include yummy Italian food that the adults and kids will love or finger foods which are fun for everyone to eat. Make sure to have plenty of games and things to occupy the children. If you have a lot of little ones consider hiring a sitter to help watch over them so the adults have some time to themselves or have the adults take turns playing with the kids if they need supervision.

4. Cook a meal at home

Cooking can help bring people together. Why not go on a family shopping trip to buy all of the ingredients you need to make a great Valentine's Day dinner together? Then come home and cook together.. you can both help prepare the meal or one person can attack dinner while the other cooks dessert. Put baby in a high chair with a toy and some Cheerios (or another favorite treat) and let him or her watch the meal preparation.If you have any older children they can join in and help you prepare the meal, set the table with pretty flowers or put drinks on the table for everyone.

If baby is old enough to eat solid food make sure to have a small portion of the meal ready for her or him so they can sit with you guys and enjoy his or her meal right next to you.

Looking for a good Valentine's Day Dessert Idea? Try these chocolate truffles!

I hope these ideas help to give you some inspiration. I truly believe that you can have a great time on Valentine's Day with your spouse and baby!


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    • Michele Gallagher profile imageAUTHOR

      Michele Gallagher 

      3 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thanks Leiann! Everyone told me the time would fly, but I had no idea how truly fast it goes by. She's hitting new milestones every month and will be walking before we know it!

    • leiannscheible profile image

      Leiann Scheible 

      3 years ago from Alliance, Ohio

      Very nice! Being a mother is wonderful, and your going to miss them being so little so savor every minute of the baby phase! They grow very fast.


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