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Year 2014: 10 Most Common New Year`s Unrealistic Resolutions

Updated on December 31, 2013

Almost everyone makes new year`s resolution and plans to stick to it. More often these resolutions are far from realistic and achievable. Rather, they tend to be a fantasy hope or wish that can only come true when you kiss the frog. There is a reason why they are unrealistic or unachievable. It is because attaining them or sticking to your goal requires focus, will power and deviation from the routine comfort zone and only a few people gets to cross the line.

What is your new year`s resolution?

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Weight loss

Weight loss is the number one new year's resolution on the radar and its 85% failure as per the records. Everyone wants to look perfect. I have yet to meet someone who is big and wants to stay big for the rest of their lives or go on getting bigger. Weight loss is a superficial urge to satisfy the unhappy feeling of fitting in your life. So get the facts straight. You want to lose weight to get into a certain size when you walk into a petite retail store or you want to lose weight because you are at health risks? If the answer is the good old petite store, then my friend, you are burning oil in pit. Your urge is superficial and you only want to show off, meaning you are trying desperately to fit in and this is the last straw.

However, if your inspiration is the later one related to health, you might have a chance to burn some fat as fear of a heart attack or losing your memory at early age are enough of triggers to get going. Do not be surprised here. The latest research shows that people who do not do regular exercises and are over weight tend to start losing their memory earlier than the ones who do routine workouts.

Morning rise and shine

Early rising always brings back the memory of my mom's shrill voice when I used to keep on ignoring her voice until she would pour a jug of water over me or switch off fan during scorching hot summer days just to get me out of bed. Since early teens and until now, with one daughter of 8 and another one 9 months, and a tough mind drilling job, I still find it hard to wake up early morning and shine all day. Everyday, for as long as I remember I promise to wake up early and everyday, I get late. Especially on weekends, when my mind and body refuse to let go of my dreams. But this is me. I am sure many out there have very strong willpower and can overcome this small irregularity of life. However, this is another most unrealistic resolution to start new year with.

The big question........WHY do you have to wait for year 2014 to wake up early? Answer.....because you just have to have a resolution whether you stick by it or not that's up to destiny........don't mean to be sarcastic here, but face up to the reality.


This is not so common a resolution but an important one. You have decided that the relationship is not going anywhere and you see no light at the end of the tunnel. So what you do? Obviously, break-up. But choosing new year is the worst time you can think of. In fact this should never be on the list of resolutions. Break-ups don't wait to say happy new year. They just seems to go on a logical and rational path. So if it is on your new year's resolution list, its hard core mean and its not healthy. If you are planning on such a thing, and you are affirmative, tell the poor soul now than ruin the new year. Believe me, you won't end up being relived anyhow. There would be a big gut hole all year round.

Veggies only

Alrighty, so how many people are planning to go vegan? I bet a lot. But here is a thing, you can't embrace a way of life all of a sudden. You need to slowly go about it. There is no irony here but science. Your body is tuned to high quality protein diet and if you start feeding it with veggie proteins, it will crack at places you can't even imagine. From intestinal problems right down to mensuration upset, your body would start fighting its own war to accommodating the only vegan diet and its not very cool for it. So instead of going all vegan overnight, give your body 3-6 months of time to adjust and start decreasing meat intake gradually until you don't get meat carvings altogether. However, if you feel it, then you have got it. Yes, its a bit confusing. I mean, when you see someone eating meat and your mouth waters, then you need more time to accomplish your aim. Staying focused and motivated would help. Plus a number of vegan friends.

No smoke. No drink.

There is a self esteem issue here and unless its a matter of life and love, its a near to impossible resolution. I always wonder why do people go out to smoke when it is -300C and not just quit. I could never fathom. I know people would say they are used to it. But seriously, leaving the comfort of warm inside and going out in chilling death cold for a smoke is beyond my understanding capability. And to top that, spending your hard earned money on something that would only harm your health one way or another. If I were the premier, I would ban smoking and drinking altogether.

Yes, you are right, its not my resolution. But, if its on your list somehow, say goodbye and type a new one.

Party all night

This is an addiction. The only way you can accomplish this resolution is getting rid of all your friends who gets you in party all night swing. But that is the difficult most thing to do and may be most mean thing you could do. But you got to know your priority, job or studies, whatever qualifies. So, instead of having no partying all night on your new year's resolution list, it should be cutting down on meeting a lot of party type friends and focus on your priority for a start.

Spending time with kids

Spending quality time with family is a real heartbreaking resolution. The test is new year's eve. If you are spending that eve with your family, then you have a chance. However, if you are attending a late night meeting, then you know what I am going to say. Its better not to write down your resolution for sake of self satisfaction.

Speeding and Speed Dating Online

So these are 2 different things, but both kills, at least the latter kills emotionally. So if any two of these are on your list, then act on it. its no fun beating around the bush and waiting to die someday by either of the two. This is a matter of life and death and this my friend should be the number one inspiration and motivation to keep you within limits, both in car and on-line.


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    • Fatiha profile image

      Fatiha 4 years ago from CALGARY

      still confused bro......but thanks for stopping by.

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 4 years ago

      Actually the notion of having a resolution that you don't have to do anything to keep is joke. I grant that's it's not a funny joke. Just a joke. I will also resolve to not swallow goldfish and I resolve not to plant stinky cheeses in my ranunculus garden.

    • Fatiha profile image

      Fatiha 4 years ago from CALGARY

      So you do not smoke but want to make a resolution to quit smoking......ahm a bit confusing. Would you please clarify

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 4 years ago

      Since I don't smoke I live to make my resolution to quite smoking.

    • Fatiha profile image

      Fatiha 4 years ago from CALGARY

      Good sharing. Thanks for stopping by.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      I'm not big on making New Years Resolutions but years ago my husband and I did make a resolution to quit smoking and we stayed smoke-free ever since. I understand why people went out into the cold and spend money on cigarettes-- it's addictive, pure and simple. New Years or any other time of year, quitting takes effort but it's worth the effort.