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Year of the Goat: Happy New Year ASCII Text Art

Updated on January 21, 2017

The Chinese zodiac has twelve signs which come up every 12 years. The Year of the Goat is one of those signs. The Year of the Goat is sometimes called the Year of the Sheep or Ram too. It seems to depend on which Asian culture you are reading about the signs, each has their own twists and culture differences. Of course, if you happen to be Year of the Goat and not like it, you can just say you are Year of the Ram instead.

Year of the Goat people are said to be dependable, calm, creative and intelligent. Goats enjoy being part of a group but not so much in the limelight. They would rather be on the sidelines than starring in the centre. Goat people tend to be reserved and enjoy having time to think their own thoughts, there's a lot going on inside of a Year of the Goat person's mind. Goat people will spend some money on their appearance and they tend to like the finer things in life, but they are not snobby about it. Goat people will express themselves with creative arts, they are likely have at least one hobby in the arts and crafts genre.

I went looking for goat, ram and sheep ASCII art to include for the Year of the Goat, this New Year's Eve, 2012-2013. There aren't a lot of goats and sheep in ASCII art but there are some very good ones. Have a look below.

ASCII Art Goats for the Year of the Goat


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