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Year of the Horse: Happy New Year ASCII Text Art

Updated on August 14, 2014
That Grrl profile image

Laura makes ASCII art, using MS Notepad. (Since 1998). She is currently exploring adding colour to the plain text to make postcards.

The Year of the Horse is one of the 12 years of the Chinese zodiac. People born in the Year of the Horse are active, animated and energetic. Horse people enjoy being out among people, events like concerts, theatre, sports and public fairs will draw them. People of the Year of the Horse like amusing others with their sense of humour, they will delight anyone who becomes their audience.

Year of the Horse people can appear self-centred but that is because they are not the most confident people at heart. Year of the Horse people tend to be healthy and have a positive attitude about life.

A career in communication will suit people from the Year of the Horse very well.

Our modern times are not so easy on horses. So much has changed from the days of early settlers when people depending on horses and the relationship between horses and people was so important. Now, horses have become more like a luxury than a necessity. Even the small areas where horses were still active are shrinking due to tighter budgets and less interest in maintaining an animal when a machine will do.

Horse racing, horse shows and equestrian events (sports) are on the down slide in the modern world. I worry about horses, where will they find a niche to still fit in somewhere in the current civilization. Too big to be the family pet - not essential in any other practical way and so few horses have been left to wild spaces. What does the future have left for the modern horse?

Here are some ASCII art horses for people born in the Year of the Horse. Whatever the horse comes to in the future, they are still very much admired for their history and their form.


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