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Year of the Monkey

Updated on April 22, 2014
Monkeys love having fun and playing tricks.
Monkeys love having fun and playing tricks. | Source

Monkey Years

Monkey years are full of pranks and laughs. It is easy to make mistakes during these years as nothing is certain and everyone is ready to jump without looking. It is also is a good time to introduce new and unusual things and make quick money off of them. These are typically good years for everyone.

2 Feb, 1908 - 21 Jan, 1909
20 Feb, 1920 - 7 Feb 1921
6 Feb, 1932 - 25 Jan, 1933
25 Jan, 1944 - 12 Feb, 1945
12 Feb, 1956 - 30 Jan, 1957
30 Jan, 1968 - 16 Feb, 1969
16 Feb, 1980 - 4 Feb, 1981
4 Feb, 1992 - 22 Jan, 1993
22 Jan, 2004 - 8 Feb, 2005
8 Feb, 2016 - 27 Jan, 2017
26 Jan, 2028 - 12 Feb, 2029

Monkey Traits


Positives: Active, Intelligent, Agile, Fun, Personable, Humorous

Negatives: Easily Flustered, Quick-tempered, Selfish, Manipulative, Insecure

Monkey Personality

Monkeys are intelligent and clever masters of words. They are able to talk their way out of anything and manipulate situations and people to their advantage. They adore being adored and respond well to flattery and bribery.

Monkeys are very curious, they want to know the "why" of everything. Anything new and different will intrigue the monkey. They love to read and learn and have exceptional memories.

Monkeys have a great sense of humor and are incredibly optimistic. They love attending parties and having a good time. They are not the type to stick to one clique, though. They enjoy hopping around, meeting everyone, and telling jokes.

Monkeys like a constant change of scenery so they are likely to change jobs or move around a lot. They are very active, busy individuals that require stimulation and hate living by a schedule.

Monkey Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Matches: Dragon, Monkey

Good Matches: Pig, Rat

Worst Match: Horse

Business Relationships

Best Matches: Dragon, Pig

Good Matches: Rat, Goat

Worst Matches: Ox, Rabbit, Rooster, Dog

Monkeys love to be around others and enjoy being pampered and adored by their partners.
Monkeys love to be around others and enjoy being pampered and adored by their partners. | Source

Monkeys in Relationships

The monkey's hyperactivity and sense of humor make them very popular with kids. Their fun loving nature and comedy also make them very attractive.

In relationships, monkeys absolutely need to feel like they are loved, supported, and appreciated. They have a tendency of being unsympathetic and self-centered and their impatience with others can lead them to affairs. However, when they have found someone they believe does not take them for granted and are able to maintain a steady relationship, they are warm, caring, and compassionate.

Monkeys can be a bit dense at times and will often say things that offend others, without really meaning to. They very rarely learn from their mistakes so are likely to offend people in the same way over and over. Monkeys don't really like to take life so seriously, so it is probably best to let things that are said by a monkey slide sometimes. They don't really mean it! When upset the monkey can be very immature and sarcastic. It won't be long though until the monkey springs back with their optimistic fun-loving attitude.

Monkey Careers

Monkeys are very active, so they are natural born athletes--or at least enjoy professions dealing with sports and action. They make great entrepreneurs, salesmen, advertisers, and businessmen in general. They also enjoy work that deals with people such as public relations, journalism, and politics.

Monkeys and Money

Despite their personality and outlook on life, they really want to be taken seriously and get very annoyed when they are not listened to. On the other hand, they never listen to anything anyone else suggests, and change their minds quickly and constantly.

No one loves a get-rich-quick scheme more than the monkey who is very tempted by money. They are not above lying to make fast cash, and are known to be deceptive to get ahead.

Are You a Monkey?

Does this sound like you?

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The Monkey King

One of the most iconic characters in Chinese culture, Sun Wukong--the Monkey King--is even more prolific in the East than Superman in the West. He is the main character in the Chinese epic novel, Journey to the West. Born from stone, the Monkey King possesses many abilities including shape-shifting, super strength, super speed and agility, and spellcasting. He is a playful prankster with a keen sense of humor, even in the darkest of times.

He is so well-loved in the East that, even though his story was first written in in Ming Dynasty (16th century), he is still well known today. Not only has he had multiple remakes of his story (both literary and cinematic), but his character has also been the inspiration for pop-culture characters like Son Goku from Dragonball.

Monkey Elements

Metal Monkey

The career-minded metal monkey practically lives at the office and very rarely stays at home. Metal monkeys have a keen grasp on finances, are strong-willed hard-workers, and are very independent. Despite their wit and humor, they are prone to depression as they are very secretive and insecure. Metal monkeys do well in arts and media since they are so extrovert, but are also quite successful in medicine.

Water Monkey

The compassionate water monkey is romantic, understanding, and perceptive of others' feelings and needs. They make wonderful friends, as they are very caring, attentive, and loyal. They care so much about the people they are around that they will become very stressed if they feel they have hurt or offended anyone. In relationships they need a partner who will give them lots of love and affection and who won't criticize or pressure them. In life, they need to be able to travel and experience lots of change.

Wood Monkey

Wood monkeys are enthusiastic, but cautious to a fault. They are very efficient and precise, but also creative and inventive creatures who enjoy learning. Wood monkeys really want to make it to the top and will often exaggerate or use connections to get there, rather than work too hard. They are loving people, but don't do particularly well in long term relationships. They typically go for partners that are stronger than them, to raise them up. Like most monkeys, the wood monkey loves to travel and take in new surroundings--yet at the same time--are very set in their own ways.

Fire Monkey

The honest fire monkeys are born leaders who are always on the go. They are headstrong and focused; they know how to work hard and play hard--and will keep going until they burn themselves out. Fire monkeys love to stay physically active, so they are very invested in sports. They have a hard time understanding opinions that differ from their own, so will often find themselves debating with others. They are known to be mischievous pranksters, but are very loving towards people they care about.

Earth Monkey

Earth monkeys aren't as prone to change as other monkeys may be and have a hard time handling not getting their way. They are very particular and must have things be perfectly by their standards in both their families and homes. They have little patience for others, so prefer doing things on their own. Despite all this, they are still fun-loving and caring individuals. They are a bit more quiet than other monkeys, though and very studious.


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