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Year of the Rat

Updated on August 16, 2013

Rat Years

Being that the rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, rat years bring with them clean slates and new beginnings. Since this is only the start of something, relationships, projects, and other endeavors will not fully ripen this year--but it is the perfect time to try something new and take risks.This is the year of good will towards men, so friends and loved ones will do more to help each other in any way that they can. Embrace your skills during this year and you are sure to see the impact of this year's hard work in the years to come.

31 Jan, 1900 - 18 Feb, 1901
18 Feb, 1912 - 5 Feb, 1913
5 Feb, 1924 - 24 Jan, 1925
24 Jan, 1936 - 10 Feb, 1937
10 Feb, 1948 - 28 Jan, 1949
28 Jan, 1960 - 14 Feb, 1961
15 Feb, 1972 - 2 Feb, 1973
2 Feb, 1984 - 19 Feb, 1985
19 Feb, 1996 - 6 Feb, 1997
6 Feb, 2008 - 25 Jan, 2009
25 Jan, 2020 - 11 Feb, 2021

Rat Traits


Positives: Attractive, Charming, Fun-loving, Sociable, Generous, Intuitive

Negatives: Overindulgent, Tardy, Pushy/Over-bearing, Overactive, Impatient

Rat Personality

Rats are one of the most charming, friendly, and sociable creatures in the Chinese zodiac. Rats thrive in social settings, impressing the masses with their intelligence, wit, and fun-loving nature. Despite being gregarious, it takes some time to know them on a deeper level. Once you befriend a rat, they will share with you limitless generosity--but they will expect the same from you in return.

Appearance is everything to a rat. They love wearing designer brands and driving in luxury cars. They understand that to live this type of lifestyle they need money so they are always looking for ways to keep making green. However, money has a tendency to disappear as soon as it touches a rat's hand. All this luxury is not even necessary for the rat to appeal to others. They are naturally attractive and draw in lots of attention from willing suitors.

Rats love living in the fast lane, which is why they enjoy gambling so much. Nothing pleases a Rat more than instant satisfaction. Anything that takes time or requires patience bores and frustrates the rat. Despite being rather lucky gamblers and blessed with many opportunities, rats have a tendency to waste their gifts.

Rats like putting on a strong, stable, easy-going facade that is not easily shaken. Get to know them on a deeper level though, you'll soon see that they are full of sensitive emotion. Rats are very intuitive creatures. Despite having countless friends and acquaintances, they will only trust a handful of people with their innermost thoughts and secrets. They are a good judge of character too, so if you are trusted by a rat, know that it means they think very highly of you.

Rats love to party hard and have a good time--they are truly nocturnal creatures; coming alive after dark. They also love to talk. Whether their happy, sad, or angry--their need to talk things out and get feedback from others is always prevalent. Hanging out, chatting, and overindulging is how a rat releases tension. When the rat is in a good place, these things will not be a problem--but if the rat is going through stressful times--this could quickly lead to problems.

Rats are non-stop, on the go, from birth until death. They have absolutely no sense of time because they are always involved in something, heading to somewhere, and having to meet with someone. As they grow older, if they do not learn how to calm down and recharge, all this constant activity will begin to wear them down.

Rat Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Match: Rat

Good Matches: Dragon, Monkey

Worst Matches: Goat, Rooster

Business Relationships

Perfect Match: Dragon

Good Match: Rabbit

Worst Matches: Rat, Horse, Rooster

Rats in Relationships

Rats are amazing lovers as they are extremely romantic, sensual, and sexual creatures. Yet, they have a hard time disclosing their true emotions and feelings to others--especially if it is something they feel very deeply about, or something that has hurt them. They can be very secretive. Since they are so seductive and sexual by nature, sex and love go hand-in-hand--a sexless marriage is never an option for them.

Rats need to be the master of their household, so subconsciously will look for partners that will let them take the lead. They quickly become irritated with partners who complain and who are not neat. They also need a partner willing to spend long restless nights with them. When a rat tires of their relationship they will not hesitate to seek out a new partner.

Rats are very conscious of networking and their good memories allow them to take inventory of all the ways their connections can help them out. They are not above using their network to get ahead. They can also be strongly opinionated and stubborn--to the point where any viewpoint that is not in line with their own is just blatantly ignored. However, rats never try to intentionally hurt anyone--especially not people they care about. Rats are so loyal to their loved ones that they are often led astray by the people they care about the most. This is because it takes a lot for a rat to trust another--so they would never suspect someone they care for to betray them.

The only thing rats love more than money, is spending it.  Whether they have it or not, Rats love to spend like their pockets are lined with gold.
The only thing rats love more than money, is spending it. Whether they have it or not, Rats love to spend like their pockets are lined with gold. | Source

Rat Careers

Rats love money so they do well in business and can make great entrepreneurs if they can find a good business partner to keep them in line.

They also do well as accountants, lawyers, public speakers, journalists, and politicians.

Rats and Money

Rats need to be constantly active and are not content unless they are working on several projects at the same time. They are full of great ideas, but often burn themselves out before they can complete projects to their full potential.

On their own, rats will have a difficult time keeping a business afloat. However, their money-making skills and intuition make them ideal business partners as they are filled with ideas to save even failing businesses. Rats have a true entrepreneurial spirit, and their aspirations will see them through to success. They are attracted to people who live the life they want and will take every opportunity they can to learn from them or use their relationship to get ahead.

Spending is a big problem for the rat. Though they have the ambition, energy, and ability to bring in a hefty income--they often spend as fast as they earn. As much as they spend, they also value the importance of keeping money saved away for when its needed. The conflicting desires to hoard and spend money often wear on the poor rat.

Rats are typically quite generous with everything, except their hard-earned cash. If a rat does share their money with you, prepare to have it mailed in an envelop of resentment.

Are You a Rat?

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Rat Elements

Metal Rat

These competitive rats are the most refined in the bunch. They only associate themselves with people in high society and whomever they can use to climb the social ladder. Metal rats can be very cold, materialistic, and judgmental--but at the same time they can be very charming and cultured. Metal rats are destined for greatness and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Water Rat

Water rats are a lot quieter than the other rats, and a lot more sensitive. They need to be surrounded by others, as they hate to be left alone. Water rats are deep thinkers who are very articulate and clear when expressing themselves, so they make great writers. They enjoy traveling--especially in luxury and comfort. These rats are honest and true to people they care about, but can be a bit naive, so they are easily tricked.

Wood Rat

Unlike other rats, wood rats know how to relax and unwind. They are really talented and capable, but require a lot of positive feedback from others, as they are rather insecure. Wood rats like to put on the facade of someone who is stable and laid back, but they are terrible worriers--especially when it comes to family matters. Wood rats are very sociable and have a great sense of humor, but like to keep their circle of friends small. Their sensitivity and creativity make them great artists and writers.

Fire Rat

True to their element, fire rats are full of energy and have a hard time sitting still. Fire rats are impatient, even for a rat--and fiercely independent. Fire rats live for new and exciting challenges--especially when it comes to business. They are good at making money--and do very well at keeping it. Fire rats need to surround themselves with people who are as honest and loyal as they are.

Earth Rats

These ambitious rats are known to make it to the top thanks to their resourcefulness and levelheadedness. The are organized, hardworking, and generous. Earth rats are family people and make great parents--but they are known to have relations outside their marriage. They can be very romantic and affectionate, but also very critical and demanding of others.


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    • Life Iz Beautiful profile image


      5 years ago from India

      A very nice hub. I am a wood rat, and what all you have mentioned about the traits of rat sign are so very very true for me.

      Thank you for this.

      Voted awesome.

      Have a great day ahead.



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