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Year of the Rat: Happy New Year ASCII Text Art

Updated on August 14, 2014
That Grrl profile image

Laura makes ASCII art, using MS Notepad. (Since 1998). She is currently exploring adding colour to the plain text to make postcards.

If you were born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Rat you must have some interesting feelings about that. Rats are known to be intelligent animals, but still rodents, vermin, pests and not very well liked. You might wish your year had been named for some other animal. However, people from the Year of the Rat are practical, not very romantic. If anyone can live with being a rat, it's likely the people born in the Year of the Rat.

Rats are both adored pets and hated pests. Quite a polar opposite in feeling about rats depending on who you talk to. I'm more on the dislike side. I remember babysitting a girl who had just been given a pet rat. When I came to the house the rat was free in the house and crawling around on her shoulder. I asked if it could be kept in it's cage because it was really giving me an icky feeling. No fault of the rat. I think it is some kind of instinctive hereditary thing really.

So, what's good about being born in the Year of the Rat? They may not be romantic but they are sensual and loving. People born in the Year of the Rat are loyal and devoted to family and friends. However, they don't jump to accept anyone and everyone as a friend.

Rat people are also known for their charm and sense of humour. They have a sharp wit.Rats are good and wise advisers but can gamble a bit too much when it comes to their own money, time and career.

Above all, rats love to be pioneers, first at something. Rats are the first sign in the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Year of the Rat in ASCII Art


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