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Year of the Rooster

Updated on October 25, 2017
According to Chinese beliefs there are two types of roosters, the loud outspoken morning rooster and the quiet reserved evening rooster.
According to Chinese beliefs there are two types of roosters, the loud outspoken morning rooster and the quiet reserved evening rooster. | Source

Rooster Years

The rooster year is a great year for hard-workers and those looking to get ahead by overcoming challenges and giving it their all. It is not a good year for deceitful people or tricksters. People are generally helpful during rooster years, but this is a year for individuals to get ahead independently from others. Relationships and partnerships may suffer during these years.

22 Jan, 1909 - 9 Feb, 1910
8 Feb, 1921 - 27 Jan, 1922
26 Jan, 1933 - 13 Feb, 1934
13 Feb, 1945 - 1 Feb, 1946
31 Jan, 1957 - 17 Feb, 1958
17 Feb, 1969 - 5 Feb, 1970
5 Feb, 1981 - 24 Jan, 1982
23 Jan, 1993 - 9 Feb, 1994
9 Feb, 2005 - 28 Jan, 2006
28 Jan, 2017 - 15 Feb, 2018
13 Feb, 2029 - 2 Feb, 2030

Rooster Traits


Positives: Precise, Talented, Confident, Practical, Sociable, Organized, Intelligent

Negatives: Aggressive, Competitive, Stubborn, Can't take criticism

Rooster Personality

Roosters are sharp, active, outspoken individuals who always think they're right. They are intelligent, strong-willed, and pay very close attention to detail. As a result they have very little patience for those that don't live up to their high expectations. Roosters are artistic, perceptive, and practical. Their sociable and outgoing nature help them make friends from all different backgrounds--but they can get a bit hostile when they feel threatened. They love having a good time and can throw the best parties and events--especially if they take place outdoors. Roosters are also extremely talented at just about anything they set their mind too. To the rooster, knowledge is the most important pursuit in life.

The rooster is often hard to live with because they are difficult to understand. They often speak without thinking and without really meaning to they can seem to be bossy, rude, and stuck-up. In truth, they just lack tact and have a tendency to be a bit too frank. They also get offended very easily and handle criticism poorly.

Rooster Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Match: Ox

Good Matches: Dragon, Pig

Worst Matches: Rabbit, Rat, Horse, Goat

Business Relationships

Best Matches: Dragon, Horse

Good Match: Ox

Worst Matches: Rat, Tiger, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog

Rooster in Relationships

These flirtatious and passionate creatures are incredibly attractive, but often take their relationships for granted. They can be romantic, but are not very sentimental at all. They don't do public displays of affection, either.

Their aggressiveness, stubbornness, need to be right, and inability to listen to other people's views weighs heavy on their relationships. However, if they can find a partner that can get past all that they are great family people. They make wonderful parents that will always stand by their children and encourage them to be their very best.

Roosters are very in to fashion and are always trying to keep up with the trends.
Roosters are very in to fashion and are always trying to keep up with the trends. | Source

Rooster Careers

Roosters will do well in the military or armed forces. Their social nature and creativity help them excel at public relations, performing, and fashion as well. They are superb business people above all else.

Roosters and Money

Roosters are ambitious and hard-working individuals who care a lot about reputation and status. They are more than willing to set their personal lives aside to put in the long hard hours needed to excel in their field.

Roosters are exceptionally detailed and efficient workers that are determined to work until everything is perfect. Roosters make excellent businessmen. They are keep track of their money better than most and know how to make more. They are always well prepared for meetings and classes and are avid note-takers. The rooster's self-confidence and intellect make them very powerful and persuasive speakers.

Roosters don't like spending lots of money if they don't have to and will sooner spend hours at a time looking for the best deal rather than buy something right away. Once in a while they'll splurge on something they like, especially when it comes to clothing. They are also quite compassionate and enjoy funding charitable causes.

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Rooster Elements

Metal Rooster

Metal Roosters are organized, loyal, friendly, and so neat they impulsively tidy up wherever they visit. These roosters know what they want and will not stop until they get it. Don't even bother trying to tell this rooster what's what, either because they are always right--at least that's what they believe. Though they mean well they can be pretty pretentious and much too honest at times. Metal roosters do well in politics, theatre, and anything in the public eye. They also work well in charitable organizations.

Water Rooster

These roosters are incredibly sensitive and are terrible worriers. They love discussion and debates and are very well spoken. Water roosters make great salespeople and teachers because they are so helpful and understanding. Their sense of humour is used to mask their inferiority complex, but they are certain to do well in any profession they choose. They do not like to be alone and are happiest when surrounded by friends and family. However, they have a tendency to get on others' nerves because they don't know how to take criticism or advise.

Wood Rooster

These passionate, considerate, and energetic roosters know how to turn any person's frown upside down. They are creative, lively, and full of joy--but are a bit headstrong. Wood roosters are full of love and affection but need lots of it in return. They need to know that they are wanted. Wood roosters are young at heart and like to keep up with the latest trends. They make wonderful friends for anyone in need of one.

Fire Rooster

Fire roosters seem to live for drama. They are passionate lovers but are prone to arguments and theatrics. They are so strong-willed they are sure to crush anyone weaker than them in a group. If it weren't for their intensity they would be a lot more successful. Regardless, they are organized and hard workers who will never disappoint. Fire roosters are incredibly complex; popular, yet nonconformist, tactless, but sentimental. This is the most explosively emotional rooster of them all.

Earth Rooster

Earth roosters are focused and intuitive. They know the meaning of "stay the course" and will not settle until they have found someone that meets all of their standards and expectations. They are caring family people who will always be there for loved ones--especially their children. Though they are quite loving they can't stand public displays of affection. They are very detail-oriented so will do well in banking, research, and management.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      Interesting hub. I'm a Rooster and I do love rooster have them all over my house. Some of this fits me some not at all. Enjoyed your hub voted up.