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Year of the Snake

Updated on August 16, 2013
The snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese zodiac, it is known for its intelligence and reserved nature.
The snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese zodiac, it is known for its intelligence and reserved nature. | Source

Snake Years

Snake Years give us the opportunity to change our circumstances around. Now is the time to closely evaluate those around you before jumping into new relationships or partnerships. This is a great year for new beginnings, but beware, everything is not what it seems to be.

4 Feb, 1905 - 24 Jan, 1906
23 Jan, 1917 - 10 Feb, 1918
10 Feb, 1929 - 29 Jan, 1930
27 Jan, 1941 - 14 Feb, 1942
14 Feb, 1953 - 2 Feb, 1954
2 Feb, 1965 - 2 Jan, 1966
18 Feb, 1977 - 6 Feb, 1978
6 Feb, 1989 - 26 Jan, 1990
24 Jan, 2001- 11 Feb, 2002
10 Feb, 2013 - 30 Jan, 2014
29 Jan, 2025 - 17 Feb, 2026

Snake Traits


Positives: Intelligent, Analytical, Strategic, Graceful, Adaptable, Intuitive, Wise, Clever

Negatives: Selfish, Lazy, Materialistic, Gossip

Snake Personality

The snake is the 6th animal of the Chinese zodiac. Though they are known to be knowledgeable in many subjects and can easily obtain information, they are still surprised easily and can be naive. They are very selective about who they befriend, and prefer to be discreet about their relationships.

They are able to make the best out of any situation thanks to their cunning intellect. When they want something, they are not above plotting and planning to obtain it. However, they can be a ta bit lazy and prefer for opportunities to come their way rather than make things happen on their own.

Known to be protectors of treasure, Snakes prefer the finer things in life. They are very materialistic and love designer clothes and expensive furnishings.

Snake Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Match: Dragon

Good Match: Horse

Worst Matches: Tiger, Snake

Business Relationships

Best Match: Rabbit

Good Matches: Dragon, Horse

Worst Matches: Ox, Tiger, Snake

Snakes in Relationships

Snakes are very possessive, jealous, and secretive in their relationships. They are extremely selective in who they fall in love with, but when they fall they fall hard. Whomever a snake falls in love with can expect to be doted on, flattered, and even smothered with affection. However, if that affection is not returned, snakes are prone to moping due to feelings of unworthiness.

Of all the animals in the zodiac, the snake is the worst one to betray or lie to. They are able to mask their feelings, so it is hard to tell what they really think of you. There feelings can be quite fickle, so if they are crossed they can simply stop caring for you and move on.

Their cunning nature allows them to manipulate those around them. They may also cheat on their partners. However, if they are manipulated, lied to, or cheated on they will be very hurt.

Snakes are very quiet and secretive. They don't enjoy blabbering on about their relationships. However, they are quite passionate and sentimental towards their lovers. Though they have difficulty opening up and expressing their feelings they still love being in love.

Snake Eyes - snakes are great at handling money--but terrible at gambling!
Snake Eyes - snakes are great at handling money--but terrible at gambling! | Source

Snake Careers

Snakes do well in careers that require knowledge and research such as doctor, scientist, professor, and engineer. They also do well in more creative positions such as artist, designer, and writer.

Snakes and Money

Snakes always want the best of the best and have a hard time settling for anything less. Although they are not much for pioneering uncharted terrain, they still want to be the first to try the latest and greatest hotspots. They love being treated like VIPs and enjoy anything exclusive.

Their secretive nature makes them fantastic business people, as they are very hard to read and exceptional at getting others to do what they want. They know how to handle their money and work very hard. Once they start a project, they not only see it through to the end, but know exactly how to make their projects shine the brightest.

Are you a Snake?

Does this sound like you?

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Snake Elements

Metal Snake

This snake can seem very cold and distant, but this is because they do not trust people the do not know. It is very important for them to feel very safe and secure in their surroundings and with the people that are around them. Because of this they are unwilling to take risks, although they are incredibly ambitious, determined, and unwilling to miss out on a good opportunity. These self-confident snakes enjoy art and music and the company of multiple partners.

Water Snake

This snake is the quiet, contemplative, studious type. Water snakes are loyal and appreciate long and lasting relationships with people they can trust and depend on. Water snakes enjoy spending their time in nature, deep in thought, lost in their imaginations. They do well in the sciences, law, and in media-related careers. When these snakes fall in love they are completely faithful.

Wood Snake

These snakes are one of the few that thrive in the spotlight. They hate being alone and are not happy unless they are surrounded by lots of people who love and adore them. They spend lots of time telling others what to do and giving advice, but very rarely listen to others--or even accept their own advice. These artistic individuals excel in communications and performing arts. In relationships they revel in mystery--and in drama--often ending affairs on a sour note.

Fire Snake

Fire snakes are destined for success. If they do not rise to fame themselves, they will be the partner or friend of someone very successful. As much as they use others to fulfill their ambitions, they also use their clout to boost those they care about. These snakes are elegant, refined, and very conscious of their reputation and image. They are secretive about their personal lives and will never do anything to make themselves look bad in the public eye. Their powerful presence makes them superb candidates for politics and media. They also love to travel and will find ways to visit places far and wide.

Earth Snake

Earth snakes are likeable, practical, and sensible individuals who will do anything for their family. They are keen problem solvers, but have a tendency not to see projects through to the end. These snakes are thorough, organized, and hard working--but they do not like work that forces them to get down and dirty. They much prefer the finer things in life and will do whatever it takes to live in the lap of luxury. Even if it means being just a bit conniving.


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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image


      5 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      I decided to check this out, since I am a snake. Fire Snake. It has always fascinated me, although I am not much like this sign at all.

      Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a great day! This is an interesting series you're doing!

      ~ Kathryn

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very interesting, and so detailed--different kinds of snakes. I like the traits of the water snake. Thank you, and voted up!


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