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Yes Lisa- There Really is a Santa Claus!

Updated on June 23, 2013
Myself and Santa Claus... Those eyes and that nose.. so familiar..hmmmmmm
Myself and Santa Claus... Those eyes and that nose.. so familiar..hmmmmmm | Source

I Have Proof That Santa Claus Exists!

Is Santa Real?

You bet he is!!!

“How do I know this?” you ask. Well, I happen to have it on good authority that Santa is real. I’ve seen him! I’ve talked to him face to face! I have fed his reindeer! AND.. he has left me some pretty cool stuff over the course of my lifetime (particularly when I was a child.)

Come to think of it, that is when it all started… when I was four years old.


I have a pretty good memory of my childhood. (It’s the present day I can’t seem to remember from day to day) *ahem… ok.. back to the childhood.. now let’s see.. oh yes.. I remember distinctly the pre-school I used to attend with lots and lots of children. Mom would always dress me up in my chiffon dresses and slick my hair way back on my head until my eyes reached my ears. God, I love her! I remember this one particular Christmas as I wanted a Barbie Doll. Ooooo I wanted Santa to bring me one sooo bad!

I was excited about the day that Santa Claus was going to make a visit at school! I felt like Ralph in “Christmas Story” as he began to think of ways he could convince his parents to buy him a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, and when that didn’t go over too well, he turned to Santa. “That’s” it!”, he said, “I’ll ask Santa!” This was my plan as well, to ask Santa. My perfect thought out plan was to sit on the old man’s lap and pour out my wish list to him with “Barbie” at the top of the list.

(Pictured 3rd kid from the left)Keeping my Barbie close, I study the familiar Santa Claus. He IS real!!
(Pictured 3rd kid from the left)Keeping my Barbie close, I study the familiar Santa Claus. He IS real!! | Source

The Day of Santa's Visit

The day came, the chiffon dress was on and the hair slicked back even tighter than it ever was. I was ready to go! The day was all about the festivities. Each kid was so excited in the anticipation of Santa’s arrival. Then all of a sudden, reindeer bells were heard in the distance, there was dead silence and then our teacher asked us to sing “Jingle Bells” as loud as we could to welcome in the man in the red suit. “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way….” I was beside myself.. there HE was!!! SANTA CLAUS!!!

Screaming, crying, yelling, singing.. every emotion you could think of was going through every kid.

Santa took his place on his chair and we all got in line. I was approximately sixth in line and I had to “tinkle” so bad from all the excitement. But do you think I would give my place in line for a trip to the little girl’s room…..Absolutely NOT!

It was here.. MY turn.. I approached Santa in awe. But wait; there was something about Santa that was sooo familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. He sounded like Santa, looked like Santa, but the eyes and that button nose.. I thought I saw them before. Shrugging off the thought for the moment, Santa asked, “if I was a good girl this past year?” “Yes”, I said with confidence. (Completely forgetting the time I made a cake on the floor with eggs, milk and flour) but I’m sure he wasn’t referring to that!

He told me to continue to be a good girl and wished me Merry Christmas then handed me a candy cane and a present. What? No list? I didn’t get to tell him what I wanted for Christmas? Walking away almost in tears, I started to open my gift. A Barbie doll??? But! What? How? How? How did he know? I looked back at Santa with a great big smile and as he lay a finger aside of his nose, Santa winked at me. He’s real! I know he’s real. No one else knew about my wish for a Barbie except……. Mommy.

My Daddy and little brother Todd at Christmas 1964. Both are in Heaven and I hope, smiling at this walk down memory lane!
My Daddy and little brother Todd at Christmas 1964. Both are in Heaven and I hope, smiling at this walk down memory lane! | Source


I was six years old this particular Christmas, and I now had a baby brother to share things with, take care of, and teach the important things in life. (I loved being the mommy)

This was a special Christmas. Grandpa, Nanny and Uncle Bob (My dad’s side) would be staying over and celebrating the holidays with us. Grandma and Grandpa from Mom’s side would come Christmas Day and be with us for Christmas dinner. Just doesn’t get any better than that. I was wrong. It does! Santa strikes again! Now I didn’t actually see him this time, but I got exactly what I wanted AND the cookies were missing Christmas morning. ALL OF THEM!

One of the reasons I knew Santa’s visits were real, was because we had the presents that were gift-wrapped from each other and the gifts that were left behind by Santa that were displayed majestically around the tree and living room.

My baby brother and I were so excited that we could barely shut our eyes to sleep. Every time I heard a noise out in the living room, I would open the door and call out, “Mommy, is that Santa?”

She or my dad would immediately rush down the hall to my bedroom to assure me that Santa would not come if he knew I was still awake. Come to think about it, I never made it past my bedroom door to confirm if the noise was Santa or not. I do remember hearing a lot of giggling by my grandparents and Uncle Bob, followed by a lot of rustling and running about as if to hide something or someone.

Finally I decided to obey mommy and daddy and Santa’s rule and stay in bed.

This year my top wish was a “Creepy Crawler” set. You know the one. You create rubber insects with “Gobblety-Goop” in a heated plate?


Three a.m. came and I suddenly awoke and realized that Santa had to have come by now! I listened carefully for any movement or noise. All I could hear was Grandpa snoring on the couch.

Very quietly, I opened my bedroom door and peaked slowly around the corner and down the hall. I could see the glow of the tree lights in the distance.

I just couldn't wait till morning to see if Santa delivered the gift I hinted all season for. I was overcome by the anticipation, so I made my way to the living room. There I stood at the end of the hall and saw what I perceived as “Santa’s Toy Shop!” There were presents and toys everywhere! My heart was jumping a mile a minute, and then my eyes stopped and focused under the tree….. there it was. Nestled under the tree, leaning up against some wrapped gifts was my Creepy Crawler set. I wanted to play with it right then! I was so excited I almost screamed out loud, but immediately remembered the "night watchman" sleeping so soundly. I know! I could take it back to my room, make some creepy crawlers, put everything back in the box the way it was found and then sneak it back out under the tree and no one would be the wiser. However, the trick was to act REALLY surprised come morning!

No sweat, I can do this. I proceeded towards the tree on tip toe and stopped abruptly as Grandpa let out a big snort from his chorus of "Jingle Snores". Just when I thought it was all clear, the impossible was facing me. What is Uncle Bob doing on the floor by the tree? He’s not supposed to be there! Well, this was going to be tricky. I proceeded with caution and precision. Slowly approaching the gift of the year, and as I proceeded to pick it up, the loudest snort came out of grandpa again. Nearly made me pee my PJ's Uncle Bob then stirred and turned the other way. I stood frozen in front of the tree, holding Santa’s gift for which seemed like an eternity. All clear, I took the gift back to my bedroom, closed the door, turned on the night light and opened the box. Immediately unwrapped everything and plugged in the heating plate. FYI-I was an expert at this due to the fact that I had seen how it was done hundreds of times on the commercials. I made about 8 creepy crawlers, and then proceeded to put the mold back into the container, forgetting it was hot. My fingers getting a little burned was definitely worth the adventure of bug making! I allowed the mold to cool down. I packed everything back up as if no one had ever touched it.

Uncle Bob and Todd Christmas Morning.
Uncle Bob and Todd Christmas Morning. | Source

Proof of Santa's Home

North Pole, Alaska:
North Pole, AK 99705, USA

get directions

Home of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen.

BOND...Lisa Bond

With the smell of hot rubber permeating my bedroom, I proceeded to return the gift in question back to its original location. Tip toeing once again, I headed for the tree. But wait! Someone was missing! UNCLE BOB! Where was he? I looked towards the kitchen. Not there! Grandpa was still on the couch.. snoring. He was nowhere to be found! I quickly placed the gift back under the tree and began my trek back to my room. And then, I heard it! The flush of the toilet! I saw the light coming out from under the door (which by the way was directly across from my room) I was 5 feet away. Standing there frozen, I had to think… RUN LISA RUN! I heard the running water turn off and a fidget on the door handle. I darted to my room and shut the door as fast and as quiet as I could.

Just as I jumped into bed and was reaching over to turn off the light, I heard my door handle begin to turn. I laid back down (with light still on) and pretended to be asleep. Uncle Bob opened the door and came in to turn off the light. I wonder if he sensed my heavy breathing or the sweat running down my face or the uncontrollable eye squint from pretending to be asleep.

Fortunately, he didn’t and I was home free!

The next morning, I felt so smug and confident that I had tricked everyone. I put on my game face and headed towards the living room. Todd had already made a dent in his area of the room. I headed for the tree and.. what? Where is the Creepy Crawler set? It’s not there! Was I dreaming? I looked around and everyone was going about their Christmas morning ritual as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I didn’t know what to do. So I did the only thing I could do and that was to pay attention to my other gifts at the moment. After a couple of hours of unwrapping gifts and playing a game with my dad and Uncle Bob, Grandpa took me aside and said that Santa had a very busy night last night delivering all the presents to all the children. He reached around the couch and pulled out the Creepy Crawler set. Grandpa continued, “Santa said you were a good girl this year and to enjoy the present. But, when you make your bugs, be sure to have mommy or daddy or grandpa or Uncle Bob help you. He doesn’t want you to burn your fingers.” Grandpa gave me a hug and then winked at me.

How did he know I burned my fingers? No, he couldn't have known. The only person that could have known would have been …… SANTA CLAUS!

Elizabeth Rayen
Elizabeth Rayen | Source

About the Author

Lisa has directed and acted in musical theatre for nearly 30 years. Her musical upbringing allowed her to pursue her career in teaching and directing and continues to direct shows today. As the owner of 2 online Home Décor sites, Lisa’s passion for Rustic Living all begins with her love for the home, outdoors, and her many hobbies. Lisa loves to laugh, and she share’s that love through her comedic hubs centered on her MOM. Lisa’s passions include writing, directing, acting, photography, singing, cooking, crafts, gardening, and home improvement, including decorating. Lisa also writes under her penned name, Elizabeth Rayen.

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Copyright © Elizabeth Rayen aka Rustic Living, all rights reserved. You are not allowed to copy or use the contents of this page without permission from its author.

Comments: Yes Lisa, There Really Is a Santa Claus

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    • Rusticliving profile imageAUTHOR

      Elizabeth Rayen 

      6 years ago from California

      Awwwe Jools, I'm so glad. As a child, times were so much simpler and so much more enjoyable. I love those memories. ♥

    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools Hogg 

      6 years ago from North-East UK

      Great stories of Christmas morning past Lisa, brought back some of my own memories :o)

    • Rusticliving profile imageAUTHOR

      Elizabeth Rayen 

      7 years ago from California

      Thank you VC. I'm glad you liked it. Gee, you look familiar.. do you know Santa? *I'm just saying*



    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      7 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Oh, thank you Rusticliving for this warm, heartfelt and very funny Christmas story. Somehow, I share the same memories. Keep up the great job. You are a natural!

      voted UP and across.


    • Rusticliving profile imageAUTHOR

      Elizabeth Rayen 

      7 years ago from California

      Thank you Dan, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was sure fun reminiscing.


    • Outbound Dan profile image

      Dan Human 

      7 years ago from Niagara Falls, NY

      Outstanding Christmas story! Thanks for sharing


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