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Yesteryears Summer Vacation

Updated on January 30, 2017

Exams got over,
Vacations took over,
Moments of rejoice,
For girls and boys,
Together we played,
Sun or shade.

Late to rise,late to bed,
No tension of books to be read,
Time for activities indoor and outdoor,
Such was the fun we still adore.

Time for mom's to prepare sundry items,
Present day children can hardly imagine,
Holding umbrellas we sat to shoo crows,
Only on the pretext of eating some dough.

Santa for Christmas, Ice cream man for vacations,
The sound of bells made us scream in exaltation,
So many flavours,
We would love to savour,
Stick or cup,cone or lolly,
Motto was just to eat and be jolly.

Scaling and jumping over walls,
Undeterred that we may fall,
Climbing up the trees,
Stealing mangoes and guavas with ease,
Oh,What a thrill!
To go against the neighbour's will.

Mangoes and guavas,grapes and melons,
So many succulent fruits good heavens,
Waiting to be churned,
Into milkshakes and juice,
That we so much yearned.

Cousins and friends together we'd blend,
None would pretend nor would offend,
Gone are the days,
Where everyone plays,
Their only friends a piece of gadget,rich in money,
Just growing their tummy,
Something I regret,
But if I object,
Which child will accept.


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